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the spinning jenny!!!!

the spinning jenny the new weaver of 1770!!! BY THE GREATEST INVENT BY JAMES HARGREAVES

morgan rennie

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of the spinning jenny!!!!

THE SPINNING JENNY!! fafhgdhfghf what is the spinning jenny?
the spinning jenny is the new and improved hands.
to make your weaving and sewing faster!!!!
are you are you sick and tired of sore fingers and the sad peoples face because you are taking soooo long to make or fix there shirt. then get the spinning jenny!!!
8 spindles for your thread, more clothes
for all the people!!! the greatest invention from the greatest inventor.....
james hargreaves!!!!
yyyaaayyy you + spinning jenny = happy faces the spinning jenny is the greatest invention of 1770!!! pointy needles PUT YOUR HANDS UP!!! textile industry LOOK OUT you are about to have the change of your life.... you weavers better buy one!!!! buy it from..
spinning town, 59 dizzy st only $25 bucs!!! all you need for the spinning jenny is yourself a space and a happy face...! thanks for buying!!!
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