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Hinduism Background to Buddhism

No description

Matthew Rojahn

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Hinduism Background to Buddhism

Double click anywhere & add an idea 1. Jivas - individual souls 2. Brahman - the eternal, nameless, oneness
of which all things are - not a deity
Jivas 3. samsara - the wheel of
death and rebirth we long to
be freed from by "merging" with
Brahman 4. karma - the law of causation -
our actions determine our next life 5. dharma - duty - the role
of one's caste that a person must
fulfill to change karma 6. moksha - freedom from samsara - realizing that our jiva is Brahman 5. dharma - the duty of your caste -
fulfill it to change your karma Some initial philosophical problems: 1. What are jivas? How
do they migrate between lives? 3. How are we both determined by karma
and yet free and responsible to change it? 2. How are there jivas if all is Brahman? -
Some Hindu schools answer: dualism.
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