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Lacie Tomson

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Brazil

Brazil! Historic sites! Ouro Preto Ouro Preto was founded in the 17th century. It was also the center of the gold rush in the the 1800's. There are many different museums, churchs, and colonial houses. Also there is a lot of art 1933. Olinda Olinda was founded in the 16th century
by the portogesse. It was very much
associated with the sugar cane industry.
There are many beautiful gardens in
Olinda. there are also many small passos,
Baoque churchs, and convents.

Belo Horizonte Belo Horizonte is the 3rd largest city in Brazil. it is also the capital of Minas Gerais state. There is lots of colonial and baroque architecture, and is one of the leading historical places in Brazil. paraty Parti is 125 miles from Rio de Janerio
on Illa Grande Bay. parati had may
important ports during the Golden
Century. You can also see much beauty
and well preserved colonial buildinds in
the city center. accomodations food Outdoor recraetion Fast Food There are two main places for fast food in
Brazil. Bob's and Habib's. Bob's is basically
like an American Mcdonald's, and Habib's is
more of a Brazilian food type. There are also
Pizza Hut's. Brazilian crusine has many Italian
and German simalaritys with a mexican twist there are also many things that were just made traditional from the sharing of recipies with imagrants among the brazilian people. Sally's place is a great place to stop if
you are looking for a nice sit down
dinner with the family they serve only
the finest brazilian crusine and is highly
recomended!! Your happiness makes
smile. Brazil has lots of sports and encourages much recreation.
One of Brazil's national sports.
I highly reccomend going during
the brazilian season and seeing them play. It would be alot of fun for the whole family There are many nice beaches in Brazil.
With the hot sun shining down on you
it's nice to to kick back and relax with
refreshing swim in the cool Atlantic
breeze. When it comes to traveling, some people
like to see the sites, but if you're looking
for some action, I highly reccommend
Beto Carrero World. Beto Carreto World
is one of the most visited theme parks in
Brazil They have over 5 huge rollercoasters. Pestana rio atlantica Pestana Rio Atlantica is a beautiful 5 star hotel
near the beach with a pool, a resterant with
cultural food, a gym, and a sauna. Most of the
rooms have outstanding views and this is all in
Rio De Jenero. Costs an averege of $410 for 2
but the price really depends on your suite. Tryp Brasil 21 The Tryp Brasil 21 is a beautiful 3 star
hotel with a gym, a pool, and a great view.
An averege room for 2 adults cost $51 a
night. Timbalia Timbalia is a beautiful camp site! They have numerous activitys for familys and children. They have a pool and a trampoline. They also have very good prices!! Holidays religion The traditional religion of Brazil is roman cathlicism.
This religion was infuenced by the portugesse invaders.
One of the most historical cathlic churches in Brazil is
known as Nossa Senhora. It is locatated in Ouro Perto.
Services are held on Sunday and visitors are welcome. Arts and culture There are many tradtional holidays and celebrations in Brazil, but one of the most traditional is Dia de Independencia. It is basically a Brazilian 4th of July. It takes place on the 7th of September. Arts Brailian art has many similaritys to the art of
France. They have many acient monuments
all over Brazil. The traditional painted pictures
how ever are very bright and up beat. I highly
recomend visiting an art muesuem while visiting
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