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Cell Analogy: The Mall

cell analogy By: Jesse Jesseman

Jesse Jesseman

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Cell Analogy: The Mall

Cell Analogy The Mall Nucleus The Nucleus would be the vice president of the mall. It controls the mall and over looks everything. The nucleolus would be the president of the mall.
They both give information to the rest of the mall. Nucleolus Cell Wall C Cell Membrane The cell wall is like the frame of the mall it holds the mall together. The cell membrane is like the security of the mall it only lets certain things in Cytoplasm The cytoplasm is like the floor or pathway of the mall. Ribosomes Centrosome Centriole Golgi Lysosomes Peroxisome Secretory Vesicle Mitochondria Vacuole Smooth and Rough E.R. Cytoskeleton Lysosomes are like the janitors of the cell they clean everything up. The peroxisomes are like the air vents in the mall they get rid of bad fumes The secretory vesicle is like a box of merchandise. The Mitochondria is like the people who shop in the stores and makes everything happen. The smooth E.R. lets things pass by just like the middle ways in the store. Chloroplasts Chloroplasts are like the solar panels for the mall they both convert sun light to energy. The Golgi modifies the and packages the proteins to leave the cell just like the products are put into bags to leave the mall. The vacuole is like the warehouse for the mall it stores the products. Made By: Jesse Jesseman The Centriole is like the metal crossbeams in the ceiling of the mall. The Cytoskeleton is the like the whole outside structure of the mall. The centrosome is like the nuts and bolts that hold the structure together. Ribosomes synthesize proteins to be sent to the nucleus just like the stockroom modifies products to be put on the floor
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