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No description

Matias Miramontes

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of HOOT

By: Carl Hiaasen
Prezi By: Matias Miramontes

Primary and Secondary Characters
The Primary characters are Roy Eberhardt, Mullet Fingers, and Beatrice Leep. The secondary characters are Mr. & Mrs. Eberhardt, Officer David Delinko, Leroy Branitt, and Dana Matherson.

The setting is in Coconut Cove, Florida in the Spring.
This story is about a group of kids that save some burrowing owls from being buried alive by evil pancake people, who are trying to build a Mother Paula's All-American House of Pancakes over the owls' homes. The burrowing owls are protected by state and government law but, the vice president of the pancake house doesn't care. He tells the supervising engineer to tell anyone that notices the owls, that they are some kind of wild chicken. On the day of ground breaking, this group of kids get the company to stop building by showing everyone the owl burrows.

The theme of this story is greed. This company was willing to kill some burrowing owls, so they could build their pancake house.

Some people are trying to kill burrowing owls without anybody knowing, so three children are trying to save them.
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