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Does our sense of vision affect our sense of smell

Group 4 Project DP2 2013

Eleanor Kjaer

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Does our sense of vision affect our sense of smell

To What Extent Does Our Sense of Vision Affect Our Sense of Smell?
Introduction,Research Question and Hypothesis.
Processed Data
Evaluation and Conclusion
Research about esters + correlation between sight and smell
Set-up ester experiment
Created esters (4 different one)
Set up Group 4 experiment
- Team "EMMA" (Abhilash,Eleanor,Madelon, Mihika.)
Thank You for Listening!
How does smell work?
Nasal Passage - special neurons out in the open with cilia
Esters - fragrant organic compounds
Research question: To What Extent Does Our Sense of Vision Affect Our Sense of Smell?

Hypothesis: It was predicted that seeing the colour of the esters would affect the test subjects' perception of the smell.

Evaluation of Data:
- Our hypothesis was proven to be true.

- There was a significant correlation between sight and smell, in each of the beakers used to be tested - in particular, Beaker A and Beaker E.

- We distinguish smells using our sight, and our memory.

- “Previous studies have shown that the brain's visual center lights up with activity when someone does a purely smell-related task”
Evaluation of Method:

- Method carried out efficently
- Beaker size and volume of liquid kept controlled
- Substantial amount of test subjects in order to acquire suitable data.
- Test subjects weren't given a long enough break to "clear their heads" of the previous fragrance before smelling the next.

- Noise interuption was present causing possible periodic distraction for some of the test subjects.

To conclude, we can see from our raw data and processed data that our hypothesis that there was a correlation between one's sense of sight and one's sense of smell, was correct. By using different fragranced esters, we have tested this hyothesis, and further research has shown that our sense of sight makes it easier for us to distinguish that what we perceive with our sense of smell.
Esters made;
pentyl ethanoate - pears
octyl ethanoate - bananas
pentyl butanoate - strawberries
methyl butanoate - pineapples
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