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Luis Suárez Pérez: Curriculum Vitae

Formación académica, formación complementaria, experiencia profesional, informática, idiomas, otros datos de interés.

Luis Suarez

on 28 October 2015

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Transcript of Luis Suárez Pérez: Curriculum Vitae

MSc in Evolution Biology and Biodiversity (doctoral courses).

Degree in Environmental Sciences.
EIA and Civic Participation Technician.
Implementation of Agenda 21 in municipalities and Environmental Impact Assessment of wind farms.
• Implementation of Agenda 21 in municipalities.
• Environmental Impact Assessment of wind farms.

Data recorder.
Digitization of hydraulic holdings and field crop parcels.

Waste management technician.
Monitoring of waste collection systems.
Environmental Specialist (Freelance).
Technical assistance, biodiversity studies and cartography.
• Wildlife characterization and resources management proposals in vineyards.
• Urban climate modelling and cartography using GIS.
• Routes design and signalising.

Environmental consultant
Fieldwork and project management in the areas of renewable energies, oil and gas, transport, town planning and other infrastructures.
• Environmental Impact Assessment of wind farms, power lines and roads.
• Environmental surveillance on construction sites.
• Restoration plans.
• Permits processing and policy advice.

Technical assistant.
Database management, cartography and report wording.
• Spanish Red List of Threatened Vascular Flora.
• Spanish Habitats Inventory.

Luis Suárez Pérez
2008 - 2011
2011 - present
2006 - 2007
2005 - 2006
Proposals and bidding process, client contact, presentations, team working.

Operative systems: Proficient in Windows. Competent in Ubuntu.

Software development tools: Proficient in MS Office and Open Office.

Image processing: Competent in Adobe Photoshop.

Geographical Information Systems: Proficient in ArcGIS and AutoCAD.

Fluent in speech, writing and reading.

Competent in speech, writing and reading.

Competent in speech, writing and reading.
Ability to travel.

Collaboration with the NGO “No Te Quedes al Margen”. Project managing in developing countries.

References are available on request.

2004 - 2007
2000 - 2004
Luis Suárez Pérez
(+34) 636.654.973
Environmental Specialist
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