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GoPro Business Model Canvas

No description

Greg Travers

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of GoPro Business Model Canvas

2. 5 Forces Framework
3. Strategic Group Mapping
4. SWOT Strategies
5. Business Model Canvas

Value Proposition
: to help people capture and share their lives most meaningful experiences with others.
A day spent on the mountains with friends is more meaningful than one spent alone
: To create the world's most versatile camera

Customer Relationship
Professional Athletes
Brand Ambassadors
User Generated Content
GoPro Youtube Channel
Events and Sponsorships
GoPro Application
Control, View, Share
Distribution Channels
Customer Segment
Extreme sport professionals
Travel Enthusiasts
GoPro Final Presentation
Key Resources
Key Activities
Key Partners
Cost Structure
PESTEL: Political
Products Offered
Corporate Social Responsibility
Crucial to company's long term success
Committed to creating innovative and cutting edge camera technology
Official camera of the 2012 APEV with Monster Sport Pikes Peak EV Challenge Team
Highlight environmental issues
global warming
education for the youth
provide aid to the tsunami disaster victims of Touhoku, Japan.
-User generated content
- Retail displays
- Website
- Social media
- Sponsorship of sporting events ( X Games)
- Partnerships ( Red bull)
Constantly improve product
Advertising through athletes
Camera Stock Range
Suppliers (Foxconn, Sony)
Sporting Events
Specialized Retailers
Who buys a GoPro?
- 48 Patents ( Camera, mounts, camera housing .)
- Capital
- Employees: 501- 1000
- Electronic parts
- Plastic parts

-World Wide Market
-Customer has the disposable income to invest in a GoPro
Products : Cameras, Accessories
Goal: range of quality cameras at affordable prices

Greg Travers, Joe Pahlow, Joe Schoettmer, Cristina
PESTEL: Economic
PESTEL: Social
PESTEL: Technological
PESTEL: Enviormental
Porter's Five Forces
Competitive Rivalry Within the Industry
Bargaining Power of Suppliers
Bargaining Power of Customers
Threat of New Entrants
Threat of Substitute Products
Strategic Group Mapping
Intensity: Medium to High
Large & fast industry growth rate
Competition from rivals could threaten GoPro’s market share
Apple, Sony, Garmin, iON

GoPro's loyal fan and creative contribution will continue to prosper
GoPro Instagram has 4.7 M followers
#GoPro has over 10 M posts
Foxconn has 9% equity stock in Woodman Labs
Ambarella Inc. supplies video-processing chips
Large number of substitutes
less bargaining leverage over producers
High competition among suppliers
reduce prices to producers
Diverse distribution channel
adds to GoPro Value
Intensity: Moderate
Limited choices
purchase is simple based on customers needs
Loyal customers play high importance in product
Low dependency on distributors
GoPro's online Presence
With new action cameras entering market, Tech junkies may experiment
GoPro has been making action camera's for 13 years
Apple, a reputable brand, but is only starting now
Go Pro dominates the portable camera market
Carry a strong brand name
Allows them charge higher prices for products (consumers give added value to brand name)
Strong Supply Chain
Superior technology
Products are easier to make: cuts cost, increase profits
Unique products
Must be the constant innovators, ahead of industry with new technology
Costs are expensive, due to lack of a market
Few competitors, allows market to drive price
Lack of Scale
Lack of competitors, makes it hard to measure company's value
Able to market to virtually anyone, due to their many representatives in many diverse professional fields
Usually action sports
Product markets itself
New Products
unique new cameras and mounts, accessories, etc
New services
Personalized profile of web page?
New Markets
Go pro leads the innovation on a rapidly growing market
Fake Go Pro
Cheaper and easily made
Appealing to consumers due to low cost
Maturing markets
Creates incentive for competition
barriers to entry are lowering
Availability of substitute
Limits Go pro's control over raising prices
Intensity: Moderate
Substitute has lower quality and performance
Substantial Product differentation
GoPro has large chunk of market share
GoPro is far more waterproof
More mounting options
More shooting modes
Simply easier to use in the field
Third-Parties that make GoPro products are on the rise
Entry Barriers are high
Advanced Technologies are required
Intensity: Moderate/high
Including mounts and GoPro accessories, there are many substitutes
Substitute has lower performance and lower quality
Substantial product differentiation
No name products that are well made and sold online
Different Competitors
Polaroid Cube
Sony Action Cam
Xiamoi Yi
- Global recession, Inflation, Exchange rates.
- Growing population = More disposable income.
- Buying power of consumers
Gopro lifestyle
- Extreme sports
- Live life on the edge
- Gopro has improved the quality of their cameras, videos, and photos.
- Gopro is constantly trying to innovate and update its products.
- Multinational corporation
- Highlight environmental issues
global warming
education for the youth

- Gopro Youtube channel
- Gopro mobile app
- Diversity of consumer preferences.
- No Government intervention

- Political stability in countries that Gopro trades with.
- Connects sports professionals with amateurs.
- Licensing and patents
- Custom and trade relations
- High entry barriers
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