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Sir Francis Drake


Rebecca B

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake Country Explored For? When? By:Rebecca Beam Sir Francis Drake explored around the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. He sailed around the Atlantic Coast of South America, around the tip of Africa. Area of Exploration Drake explored in his home town England. He left in 1577 and came back in 1580, Drake was gone exploring for three years. Sir Francis Drake was born in
1540 in Tavistock, Devon, England
and started exploring when he was
12 years old. He was the eldest
of 11 children. (Pacific Ocean) (Indian Ocean) Drake's Route Reason for Trip Drake explored for Queen Elizabeth the first. He wanted to explore to find gold, silver, bronze, and copper. Middle Life Child Life Elderly Life Drake was 18 when he went on his first voyage. He got married to Marry Newman in 1569, Marry died 12 years later. After that Drake married Elizabeth Sydenhem. Fun Facts (Marry Newman) (Elizabeth sydenhem) When Drake died in January 27th 1596th his second wife (Elizabeth Sydenhem) married Sir William Courteny. Drake had no children but wanted some. When Drake died his crew did not put him under a grave stone, they sunk him in the ocean. After Drake was done exploring he opend up a coffie shop in New Jersey, today the coffie shop is still running. Sir Francis Drake had a wife but no kids. His last voyage was in 1596. He died from a high fever, after losing a battle against Puerto Rico. His crew decided to bury him at sea (letting him go in the water dead). THE END!!!!!!!! Thanks for watching! Accomlishments Drke was the second person in the world (after Colombus) to sail around the Pacific Ocean and almost the whole world.
He discovered Coffie on an mysterious Island.
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