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Techyes Project

No description

Jud3 F3rr@nt3

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Techyes Project

Techyes Project How Newtons three laws affect my everyday life By: Jude Ferrante Newtons First Law First example:
I chose the roller coaster because when you are speeding forward your body wants to go backwards and it creates inertia. Go to the next slide to see the video. Second example:
When you go on the Skydiver you go up into the sky, then there is a sudden drop. Your body wants to keep going up so you lift off your seat and are stuck against the guardrail. Newtons Second Law First Example:
If you push a door away from you, it will swing away from you because you pushed with a larger amount of force in the opposite direction. Example Two:
If you are holding a football and you through it forward towards the receiver it will go forward, not backwards. This is because you are putting force on the football that is causing it to go forward. Newtons Third Law First Example:
When two bumper boats collide they both exert force to the other boat, this sends both of them backwards. Second Example:
When you dribble a basketball you push down on the ball, then the ground pushes the ball back up to your hand. The End Here is another example of Newtons third law
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