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Stanislas Dupré

on 15 February 2016

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Transcript of ET RISK

Measuring Energy Transition (ET) Risk & Opportunity
1. Policy makers target limiting global warming to 2° C relative to pre-industrial levels
2. The 2° C climate objective translates into changes in policy, market, and additional non-conventional risk factors
3. These changes may lead to stranded assets.
4. Stranded assets are likely to impact the cash flow of companies. ET risk metrics will investors influence corporate investment decisions to respond to ET risk. This allows for a reduction in risk exposure.
5. A negative impact may create financial risk for financial assets.
6. This financial risk is filtered through to investors.
7. Financial institutions can then hedge ET risk through investor in sustainable energy companies

Background & Objectives
Project plan
Project formally supported by the French Prime Minister's Office, the German Environment Ministry, 16 financial institutions (Axa, BNPP, Caisse de Depots, KLP, AP4 ERAFP, FRR, AP2, APG-AM, Boston Common Asset Management, Allianz, Calvert, Ohman, AFD), invest platforms representing over 300 other fnancalistitutions, and major NGOs and think tanks (UNEP, WWF, etc.)
Demand from
policy makers:
French ET law, Bank of England, German Ministry support letter, G20 / FSB initiative, UNEP Inquiry
Demand from
financial institutions
Decarbonization pledges, investment bank initiatives, public statements, shareholder resolutions
1. Help investors & policy makers
the materiality of ET risk and & opportunity
2. Help investors
the materiality of ET risk and opportunity for equity and bond portfolios
with investors & policy makers on responding to ET risk and opportunity
The project creates an ET risk assessment framework that responds to the objectives defined above. The framework involves the development of the ET risk concept, databases, and ET models for measuring net margins, and the impact on equity valuation and credit risk. The outputs can be adopted directly by market actors or used as toolkit for a do-it-yourself appoach
Horizon 2020 [EE-19]
Designing an Energy Transition Risk and Opportunity Assessment Framework
ET Risk:
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