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Lean Synchronization - Updated

What is lean? Principles, how to implement lean manufacturing & potential impact of lean.

Hinh Cao

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Lean Synchronization - Updated

Conclusion Implement Lean What is LEAN? Principles of Lean OUTLINE
1. Theory
Principles of Lean
Impact of Lean
How to implement Lean
2. Case study: Autoglym Ltd Definition
Lean synchronization aims to meet demand instantaneously, with perfect quality and no waste. 1. Elimination of waste
2. Involve everyone
3. Continuous improvement Basic Tool & Techniques
Kaizen: continuous development
5S: sort, straighten, shine, standardize, sustain
Pull system Impact of Lean Case Study Why? Rapid growth and increasing demand How ? Top level management
commitment Advice from Manufacturing Advisory Service Involvement of the team What was the impact? Productivity increased over 100%

An annual labour cost saving around £100,000

Lead time was reduced by 40% Reduce waste Reduce cost Improve quality Improve
productivity LEAN Management
Commitment Involve
People Transparent
Goal Assets Autonomy Thank you for your attention! (Slack et al., 2010, p. 433) (Wilson, 2010) (Harrison, 1993; Milner, 2011) Negative impact Over focusing
on waste Great pressure
on employees Yellow team:
Beauty Ann Elueni
Emenike Alexander H.C.
Shamiso Burt
Shaikha Al-Aqaily
Xuan Hinh Cao Lean is a journey Autoglym
Established in 1965
Headquarter: Letchworth, UK
Product: Car care
Market: over 40 countries (Lean Enterprise Institute, 2011) Form Cross Functional Team Training in Lean Measures of Current Performance Analysis of the Current Process Identify
Aims & Goals (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Team to Improve the Process & Implement Measures of Performance

Lean Enterprise Institute. (2009). What is lean -
Principles. Retrieved October 22, 2011, from Lean
Enterprise Institute:

Milner, C. (2011). U13990 Principle of Operations
Management, Lecture on Lean Synchronisation
(2011). Portsmouth: University of Portsmouth.

Slack, N., Johnston, R., & Chambers, S. (2010).
Operations Management (6th ed.). Harlow:
Financial Times Prentice Hall.

Wilson, L. (2010). How to implement Lean
manufacturing. London: McGraw-Hill. 7 steps Autoglym used to implement lean Manufacturing Director Manufacturing Manager Team Leader Production Operator References Mark Evans
Site Manager, Logistic
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