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In Cold Blood & Kelly Connections

No description

Judith Gunn

on 29 September 2017

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Transcript of In Cold Blood & Kelly Connections

In Cold Blood

True History of the Kelly Gang
Connections and Themes
Aaron Sherritt - execution P399
The man in the car was an innocent victim of a proposed execution P165ff
Mr Clutter savage murder P.60 P238
The heifer is described like a savage murder P25
the feeling of guilt is differen
Sergeant Kennedy self defence - mercy murder P292
Perry lies about murder P105ff
The journey from prison to the Clutters P55ff describes their journey
Ned's life journey his aim to be a citizen is always lost
Ned and Harry Power journeying through the outback P77 P300 they cross the Murray
Dick and Perry's journey to the gallows P299
self discovery for Capote
they both go on the run
Mexico P95 P104 discussion on the road of normality P115
not organised
Capote & Perry authorial preference Deal me out baby P104 show's Dick to be manipulative - runs over a dog authorial preference
Perry & his father - failed companionship P130
Al Dewey and the Clutters P76ff - companionship is with the dead
Harry Power and Ned - forced companionship P77
Ned and Joe (bromance) fraternity brothers in arms
Joe transfers his loyalty from Aaron to Ned P399
Theft seemed necessary to Dick & Perry - they rob for themselves P121 Perry's father's statement
Ned was born in poverty he gives money he's stolen to the poor ( heifer P33)
poverty creates futilit
family background of both
Dick and Perry could have gone straight much more easily P158
Ned had no shoes - crime was his only access
Ned could never go straight
Statement to the police - describes Perry's childhood p265
Authorial preference
Perry's treasures in his box - humanises him
which was the purpose of Capote P207
After Ned shot Lonnigen - emphasises self defence - the whole of the Stringybark massacre - is about self defence P292
Ned what choice did I have?
Dick is portrayed as serpentine characteristics P29
both characters make a statement in some way
Ned is made into a hero and Perry is made human
Ellen has to marry Bill Frost to be seen as respectable (Bill is a Brit not Irish) P75ff
Ellen can't understand why they are treated as they are P9
Perry pretends he has written the poem for Cookie - it's about not fitting in p94
Being picked on as a child
Perry is part Cherokee p121
Dick had no real disadvantage
use of taboo language Perry doesn't like being called a "nigger" but will call other people that p104
Ned's fight with Dan - siblings Ned's loyalty elsewhere
Herb had an issue with Nancy and Bobby - losing his little girl
Red Kelly - Ned has to be man of the house
he fights James Kelly - Ned is the better man at 13
His reward for the rescue his sash and boots but he feels guilty about not getting nothing for mum
Ned's various returns are not always welcome
can't harm the family with out fear of justice
Perry and his dad
Perry dysfunctional family
siblings Barbara tells Perry off p134
never takes the first shot - kills as a last resort P292
Fires into the air first
Perry appears to know they have done wrong
Perry's fascination with Willie Jay met in jail - when you steal a man's life
Robin Hood idea for Ned
cattle and horse rustling - they make the choice for crime there
After Bill Frost leaves he feels bad for his mum
after the massacre - I told him I were sorry (heifer)
Dick feels guilty about his feelings for girls
Perry's bad dreams
when he's with Harry Power he killed a possum it sealed his fate
no ease in death
associated with an outlaw - life of crime
he's never going to be given the benefit of the doubt
Such is life
Perry's upbringing race and ehtnicity doomed him
Not true for Dick

no remorse
Ned is constantly guilty
Capote tries to mediate Perry's prejudice on P105 re - the supposed killing of Mr King
P134 Barbara's letter - poverty is no excuse
Prejudice against Irish P7
Ned P394
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