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No description

Damian Andersen-crouch

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Methadone

Did You Know? Methadone About The Substance Where did Methadone Come From Effects on the Specific Organs What the Substance Does to Your Body Legal Consequences Consequences of Use Methadose! Damian A-C Dollies! Done! Meth! Phy! Junk! Metho! Jungle Juice! Fizzies! Amidone! Chocolate Chip Cookies! Maria! Pastora! Salvia! Salvia! Wafer! Juice! Methadone was developed by the Nazis during World War II. It was for Nazi Addicts like Hermann Goering who wanted to avoid withdrawl. He insturcted the drug companies to make a wholly synthetic opiate How Methadone is Made Methadone is a synthetic drug which means it is made in a chemical laboratory Legitimate Uses of Methadone Methadone is used to treat opiate drug addiction and is also used for pain management in some cases. Methadone affects mainly the Heart. It will also affect the kidneys and liver If taken without a valid prescription you can be arrested and charged in most jurisdictions Social and Moral Consequences If not taken properly methadone can cause death and other health problems
"Methadone is tied to one third of prescription painkiller overdose deaths."
"Methadone is the fastest-growing cause of narcotic deaths."
"Methadone ranks high among drugs implicated in the soaring rates of prescription drug addiction."
"Methadone, which for decades has been used to replace heroin as an addiction treatment, now causes more than twice as many deaths as heroin itself."
"Methadone generally stays in the system longer than heroin – up to 59 hours, according to the FDA, compared to heroin’s 4 – 6 hours." Beacon of Hope House: 250.381.9474
Cedars At Cobble Hill: 1-866-716-2006 Where You Can Go for Help and How to Say NO to Your Friends Where You Can Go for Help How to Say No to Your Friends “I’ve Got Other Plans”: "Tell your friend you have somewhere to be, or something else to do, like a doctor’s appointment or sports practice. If you are going somewhere where you think you may be offered drugs, always have a “way out.”
“It’s Not You”: "Sometimes if you say no when offered drugs from friends, they will pressure you more and say if you were their friend, you would try them. Explain that it isn’t them you don’t like; it’s simply the drugs."
Make A Joke: "Turn peer pressure around and into a joke. Tell them that the drugs kill brain cells and you need yours for the upcoming chemistry test."
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