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Swine Housing:

No description

Mallory Espenscheid

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of Swine Housing:

Swine Housing
What do you know about pigs?
Who is ready to learn more about pigs?
Free Range/ Pastured Pigs
All aspects of pork production outside

Sows are kept in a large pen with shelter outside

At 4 weeks of age, piglets are weaned from their mothers and placed in their own pen

They are slaughtered at 24 weeks of age
Hot Topics
Free Range/ Pastured Pigs
Total Confinement Operations
Farrow to Finish
Weaning to Finish
Gestation Stalls
Group Housing
What do you know?
Gestation Stalls
Animal Welfare Facts
Pregnant Sow and Piglet Safety
Total Confinement
Free Range/ Pastured Pigs
How does the general public view free range situations?

What are some disadvantages of free range?
Disease, Weather, Housing, Etc.
What can we do?
How can we educate the general public?
Can land be used more efficiently?
Producer is responsible for all stages of production
Producer only responsible for the weaned pigs to the grower side of production
Most Common Method
Most efficient way to produce hogs
Employs thousands of people
What are they?

What do they prevent?

What are some uneducated public assumptions about them?
Sow housing that makes individual sow care easier before farrowing.
They prevent fighting, reduce stress and injury, make medical care and artificial insemination much easier.
They are inhumane, sows are in pain because they cannot turn around, and they don't get to move around and socialize with other pigs.
Group Housing
Very appealing to consumers
The public believes that if the pigs are in open pens with each other, that their lives are better.
Group Feeding
A group feeder must be used and can prevent less-aggressive sows from getting the appropriate nutrition.
Sows are known for their aggression; fighting can occur and compromise the safety of the sow and her litter.
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