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Digital Storytelling:

No description

Corinna Rezzelle

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Digital Storytelling:

Digital Storytelling:
Expanding Literacy through Technology

Digital Storytelling
A (Brief) History of Digital Storytelling
What is it?
3 Categories of Digital Storytelling
Personal Narratives/Experiences - Document meaningful/personal life adventures, accomplishments, memories
Historical - Use existing artifacts to bring more character and depth to a real story
Informational - Convey instructional material in many subjects
21st Century Literacy Skills
Technology and Digital
Global and Informational

Digital Literacy
Using computers and other technologies
Using technology for:
Gathering information
Discussing topics/issues
Seeking help from others
Global/ Informational
Read, interpret, and respond
Understanding the "big picture"
Find, evaluate, synthesize data
Digital Stories can be many things:
Digital Books

The possibilities are endless!

Visual Literacy
Communicating through images
Videos, online story-book, slide shows, etc.

Picture Video/Slideshow Site
Only 30 sec. videos are free
Paid Sources
http://voicethread.com/- create video with voice and pictures
Little Bird Tales
Creating Books and stories with your own
or with artwork provided by Storybird.
Creating slide shows with pictures and
voice over
Why Use It?
To engage the nonengaged
Reinforce the material
Makes learning accessible
Examples of Personal Narrative Tools
Examples of Historical Narrative Tools
Examples of Informational Narrative Tools
o A technology application that lets students take
advantage of user-contributed content
o Helps teachers effectively use technology in their classrooms
In other words: digital storytelling is the
practice of using computer based tools to tell stories

o Computer users >>>storytellers
o Select a topic
o Research
o Write a script
o Develop the story, digital essay
electronic memoir or computer based

7 Elements of Digital Storytelling
• Point of View
• A dramatic question
• Emotional content
• The gift of your voice
• The power of the soundtrack
• Economy
• Pacing

• Blogs
• Wiki
How does it work?
What makes it digital?
o Combine the story with…
• Computer based graphics
• Recorded audio
• Computer generated text
• Video clips
• Or music
Web publishing
Where can you view a digital story?
o Burned to a DVD
o Uploaded to a website
o Played on the computer
Tablet, etc.
When did digital storytelling begin?
o 1980’s
o Joe Lambert & Dana Atchley
• Cofounders to the nonprofit, Center for Digital Storytelling (CDS)
• Berkeley, CA
o Since 1990’s CDS has provided training
o CDS developed the 7 Elements of Digital Storytelling

audio only
any combo of media
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