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Disneyland in Dubai

How can we launch an amusement Park (Disneyland) in Dubai?

Maelle Pouhaer

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Disneyland in Dubai

DISNEYLAND in United Arab Emirates
I. Quick introduction of Disneyland
II. Cultural & Economic presentation of the UAE
III. Is the implementation possible?
1st Park created in 1955, in Anaheim (California) by Walt Disney

Symbol of the American culture

Walt Disney Company is very diversified and includes: parks, resorts, cruise lines, hotels, studios

Family friendly oriented. For all ages.

Internationally known

Now exists in different countries

On paper : Dubai = perfect investment
The Middle East future target
The UAE culture American values, but not discordant

Disneyland in Shanghai + Dubailand UAE will open = not good timing
More attractive for Disney to develop Disney stores and adapt their shows and cartoons in Arabic dialects.
Sell License to Dubailand
Minimizing the risks of cultural impair, as well as financial risks

STRATEGY : attract directly the customers in the UAE and develop their loyalty to the brand.
sand storms
Biggest airport in the world
Almost no precipitation
Land very flat
Heat =>Air conditioning
Alternative: indoor park
Sustainable Objective => No water theme park
Attractive market
15 million visitors in 2020.
Develop the tourism industry=Disney Land.
Walt Disney company Objective = grow its business.
Main competitor : Universal studio (Six flags and Lego Land) entered the United Arab Emirates market
- Islamic Sharia and civil-law city
Applied to all inhabitants of Dubai (Muslim or non-Muslims).
Concerning any business in Dubai,
Labour court exists,
All representations are conducted in Arabic.

Located in the Middle East
Bordering the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf
Between Oman and Saudi Arabia.
Marine D'Aguanno
Anouk Huibers
Maelle Pouhaer
Delphine Vichon
Mr. Rubin

Legal System
Political System
Geographical Setting

for your


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