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The wonders of Enigma

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 17 May 2016

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Transcript of The wonders of Enigma

The wonders of Enigma
Where is Enigma placed in the solar system? Why?
Enigma is located between Earth and Mars, considering Earth is 8,340,7000 km away from Mars, we have placed Enigma 7 million km from Earth and 71.4 million km from Mars.This will affect Enigma by allowing the same or similar amounts of heat and light as Earth into Enigma to sustain life.
What is the climate of Enigma? Why is this important?
The climate of Enigma is generally warm, the average temperature of Enigma is 10°c, the highest is 37°c and the lowest is -88°c.
At night normally the temperature drops down to -20°c. Enigma also has a great deal of precipitation. This is important because if the temperature dropped any colder or went up any higher than the maximum then Enigma would not be able to sustain life.
What seasons does Enigma have?
Enigma has 2 reasons every year. These seasons are Spring and Winter, this also means that Enigma will be colder because it is further away from the sun . This also means that Enigma receives more rainfall, which makes it harder to live on, but still livable. This happens because, Enigma is not on an angle and it rotates straightly on it's axle, while revolving around the sun.
How long does it take Enigma to revolve around the sun once? Why?
Enigma takes 465 Earth days to revolve around the sun once.This means that Enigma days are longer and so are nights, this means that life forms on Enigma will receive more sun light and will make there be more time in one Enigman day. It also takes more time to revolve around the sun, because Enigma is further away from the sun than Earth, but closer than Mars.
Why is there water on enigma and what form does it take?
What type of gases does Enigma contain? Why?
The gases that Enigma contains are: Oxygen 21%, Nitrogen 76%, Argon 0.95% and Carbon Dioxide 0.03%. Which means that Earth and Enigma contain the same gases, but with slightly different percentages.
The form of water on Enigma is a liquid, because on where the planet is placed. Enigma is placed very close to Earth in the solar system. Which means that the sun still heats up Enigma which stops the water from freezing over. Also it is far enough away from the sun that the water doesn't turn to gas. The water also contains oxygen which is vital to life.
Is Enigma able to sustain life? Why?
Enigma is able to sustain life, because of the reasons we have stated in the questions above. Enigma is specifically placed closer to Earth to be able to sustain life, which means it will receive nearly identical amounts of sunlight and heat.Anouther feature of Enigma is that is stores the same gases as Earth with similar amounts. The climate and seasons of Enigma contribute to the fact that Enigma can sustain life.
By Emily Beutel and Lauren Croaker
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