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No description

Brian Doan

on 24 August 2012

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Transcript of Switzerland

Switzerland City History By Brian Doan Switzerland was founded in 1291 There was not any
significant wars. In 1648 Switzerland became an
independent country because of
a peace treaty. Population The population is 7.5million.
There are 64% that speak
German, 19% that speak
French, 8% that speak
Italian, and 1% that
speak Romansh. Romansh
is a very old language and
is similar to Latin. Traditional food People in Switzerland
traditionaly eat dog.
They raise dogs then
use them for meat.
It is illegal now. Culture Religion There are a lot of
religions but the most
are Cathlic, Protestant,
Orthodox, and Islam. Folklore There is one story
about a person tring
to shoot a bow in an
apple on top his son's head. 1307 Gessler Vogt made a
pushishment that a man had
to shot an apple off their son's
head. Music The Switzerland people
used an instrament called
an Alphorn. It is ten to twelve
feet long. they are made of spruse
with a hardwood mouthpiece. Sports soccer is a very popular
sport in Switzerland.
They have many soccer
leagues. Soccer is played
everywhere in Switzerland.
They also have women soccer
teams. Both men and women
play the same sports. They
play ice-hockey, volley-ball,
basket-ball, and hand-ball. Government Flag The Switzerland flag
is a white cross. It was
as an armband until
the beginning of World
War one. Tuorism 99million come each
year on average. Government type Switzerland is a
federal republic. Economy the currency Switzerland
uses is called euro. Geography Climate It is usually 59
degrees because of
the pollution Cites The capital of Switzerland
is Bern. The only port in
Switerland is in Basel. afvsds
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