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tomorrow when the war began picture timeline

No description

julie ferguson

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of tomorrow when the war began picture timeline

Matthew Amberg Tomorrow When The War Began Picture Timeline Tomorrow when the war Began picture timeline Ellie decides to go camping up in 'Hell' (a large valley), she invites a bunch of friends, she introduces the reader to each character,gradually. Ellie and the group sees waves of jets flying overhead. They decide to go into town later that night to see what is happening, they all split up into groups to search for people.Ellie, Corrie and Kevin see people being held in tents at the showgrounds, it is all their friends and family member being held by a rebel force. They get seen and run away and they get trapped in Mrs Alexander’s back yard and the rebel force look for them.Ellie blows up three soldiers with a ride-on lawn mower. Robyn and Lee don’t return from town. They return to rescue Lee from the restaurant and destroy several vehicles on the way out. They carry Lee back to Hell. The group drives to Tailor’s
Stitch in the Landrover and
then walk the rest of the way to 'Hell' The group set
up camp in 'Hell'. The group heads back
to from 'Hell' and find that everyone is gone, all their families and friends Robyn and Lee don’t return from town. The group decide to load up with supplies and camp out at Corrie’s house. A lookout helicopter circles the house, sees Flip and signals with flares for a jet to blow up Corrie’s house. Ellie finds the Hermit’s hut.The group reads some documents they found in the Hermit’s hut. The group decides to do something to slow the enemy down by stopping the rebel force from bring more supplies and troops into the town. Fi and Ellie steal a petrol tanker and drive the tanker into the bridge.The tanker blows up the bridge, stopping the rebel army from bringing in supplies and more troops. We learn that Corrie has been shot.Kevin and Corrie leave the group for good 'Hell' Driving to 'Hell' Ellie and her friends Walking to 'Hell' Camp location and setting up Planes flying above the camp spot in 'Hell' The main street of town, all the people are gone The picture represents abandoned town The rebel army holding the group of people at the fairground Exploding lawn mower in Mrs Alexander’s back yard Rebel army My interpretation of Corrie's house Search helicopter Helicopter using flares to mark house Large vehicle used to rescue Lee Back to 'Hell' Hermit's Hut Hermit's notes petrol tanker bridge blowing up Ellie and her friends Representation of corrie being shot Corrie and Kevin leaving the group My poem When you are camping with your friends, life is so perfect

Out in the hills, at the end of the summer

Nothing could go wrong don’t you think?

But when you come back

To find that there has been an attack

Everyone is gone and nowhere to be found

Your life will never live be the same again

There will be so much pain, but life must go on

There will be war

You have no choice but to fight back and break the law

Your view on the world has been changed

Your whole life changed, planned out and arranged

The only thing you can do now is fight for your own life

And you might get caught up and get into lots of strife

In the end you need to stay strong,

To have faith in your friends and lots of hope

How else do you reckoned you will cope? The end
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