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Welcome to Language Arts Class!

No description

Shelley Reichert

on 17 June 2011

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Transcript of Welcome to Language Arts Class!

Contact Information Classroom Rules 1. Be in class on time & prepared (with supplies & homework) 2. Respect the rights & property of others. 3. Follow directions the first time they are given. 4. Raise your hand & wait for permission to speak. 5. Stay in your assigned seat unless you have
permission to do otherwise Classroom Rewards If You CHOOSE to Break a Rule: First Infraction:
Mark #1. Consider this your warning. Second Infraction:
Mark #2. You will be issued a detention
notice that must be signed & returned by a parent/guardian the next school day. You will then serve a 30 minute detention in my classroom from 3:05 - 3:35. Third Infraction:
Mark #3. You will be written up
for a one hour Detention Referral to be
served in detention hall from 3:05 - 4:00. This goes in your permanent office file. Any further infractions will follow the
handbook procedures for status placement; students
who choose to cause severe disruptions will be sent
immediately to the office. Cheating & Plagiarism Copy someone else's work & claim it as your own.
Allow someone else to copy your work & claim it as their own.
Work on assignments with others when it is meant to be completed individually.
Allow one person in a group to do all the work while the other group members just copy down the answers.
Steal or otherwise view a test before it's given.
Write notes on flash cards, clothing, or skin to look at during tests.
Pretend you're sick on a test day and get the test questions from other students before taking the make-up test.
Use websites to purchase or get free essays/research papers.
Write down answers beforehand, get answers from other students, or help other students answer questions during a test.
Do not grade your own paper or a classmate's paper honestly by marking answers correct that are wrong and/or changing the score.
Copy text, images, sound files, etc. from a website, paste it into an assignment or a personal webpage & claim it as your own.
Turn in an assignment for credit in two different classes or school years.
When writing, imitate the language & thoughts of others & represent them as your own original work. This applies to ALL school work:
group projects
reports & papers
extra credit Supply List: Please Bring These Items to Class EVERYDAY Entering the Classroom Please have your
homework out & ready
to be graded or turned
in. If you are tardy, enter the classroom quiety
and proceed directly to your seat without interrupting
the class. When there is a break in class, or at the end
of class, I will update you on what you miss, and you may give me any notes from home or the office at that time. Seating Arrangements Quick Writes Knowing the Schedule for Class Participating in Class Sharpening Your Pencil Turning in Papers Heading on Papers MLA Full Name
Complete Date
Class Period If You Finish Early Read your AR Book.
Begin reading the next lesson in you text book.
This is not a study hall, please do not work on homework for other classes. Grading Scale A+ 100-99
A 98-95
A- 94-93
B+ 92-91
B 90-87
B- 86-85
C+ 84-83
C 82-79
C- 78-77
D+ 76-75
D 74-72
D- 71-70
F Below 70 Homeworkopoly Late Homework Same Day 10%
Next Day 20%
After that 50% You will not be allowed to get
homework from your locker during
class. If you do not have your homework assignment completed, or if you were absent, you must go out into the hallway while the rest of the class grades the assignment Once in the hallway, you must use the time to work on that assignment. If the assignment is in your locker, you must sit quietly until the class is finished. You must sit away from others; no talking is allowed. Responding to My Request for Attention When You Are Absent Intercom Announcements You are expected to use the restroom
during passing periods. Passes to the
restroom during class will only be issued in the case of an emergency or medical condition. If you become ill, please go ahead and leave the classroom - you can always explain later. If the Teacher is Out of the Room Please remain seated and quiet. If I am out
of the room when you first arrive to class, get
to work immediately on the Quick Write for the
day. If there is no Quick Write on the board or
projected on the screen, please make sure your
homework is ready to turn in and read your AR book. When There is a Substitute End-of-Period Dismissal Leaving the Classroom Returning Student Work When Someone Enters the Classroom Using the Restroom Although we have bells to dismiss class, please remain in your seat and continue working until I dismiss the class. Please do not start packing up your belongings until I give you permission to do so. Exit the classroom quiety, keeping your hands to yourself
You must have your planner/pass book at all times.
If you do not have your pass book, you will not be allowed to leave.
Yellow passes
Timer Emergency Alert Responsibility you When There is a Substitute
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