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The Story of An Hour

No description

kimberly chavarria

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of The Story of An Hour

The Story of An Hour

By: Kimberly Chavarria
Imoni Chinda
Joshua Davis

The short story of an hour by Kate Chopin
Mrs. Mallard thought that her husband was dead but later found out that he was alive. Then she died from a heart attack due to the exciment that he was alive.
Mrs. Mallard's heart trouble
Joy that kills
"there was a feverish triumph in her eyes and she carried herself unwillingly like a goddess of victory."

Chopin conveys to the reader how excited mrs mallard was because she thought that she was free now that her husband was believed to have been dead. this exciment led her to her death

"When the doctors came they said she had died of heart disease---of joy that kills."

Chopin shows the reader why Mrs. Mallard had died. she uses the motif; Mrs Mallard's heart trouble, as a lead to the end of the story. She shows the irony in the story by showing that Mrs. Mallard's excitement about her husband's death is what truly killed her.

This picture is related to the theme, "Joy that kills," because it represent the ironic tone throughout the story. When someone thinks of joy they think of the positive things in life opposed to the negative aspect of death. This picture specifically relates to of the story when doctors explain Mrs. Mallard's death by saying how it was joy that killed her.
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Kimberly Chavarria
Imoni Chinda
Joshua davis

"and yet she had loved him-sometimes. Often she had not. What did it matter! What could love, the unsolved mystery, count for in face of his posession of self assertion which she suddenly recognized as the strongest in pulse of her being!"
Mrs Mallard is altercating with herself from within because even though her husband died, she felt free.
"when the doctors came they said she had died of heart disease."
this quote shows the conflict he whole time she was depressed, she had heat trouble which killed her later on
"knowing that Mrs Mallard was afflicted with a heart trouble."

Chopin shows the reader Mrs Mallard's condition of a heart problem. It identifies the obstacle they are facing with when they tell her about her husbands death.
"How many doses am I needin' now?
What's the prognosis, will you be around?
Or am I just another victim of an assassin that broke my heart down?"
this song poison by beyonce relates to the theme because she talks about how he will be the death of her, how she wants to be independent but runs back to him how her joy, her love, her happiness is the one thing that is bad for her and like the short story of an hour the loss of joy is killing her, the joy that she will never be free again.
"Great care was taken to break to her as gently as possible the news of her husband's death."

by this textual evidence the reader can see that the heart problem Mrs. Mallard had was very serious and she needed lots of care due to that any little shock could kill her.
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Weekend of 'Joy Killing' in Ohio Leaves 5 Dead, 4 Hurt and 4 Held
Published: December 30, 1992

DAYTON, Ohio, Dec. 29— Five people have been left dead and four wounded in what the police describe as a spree of "joy killing" by four youths here late last week.
The authorities believe that robbery alone was the initial motive for the attacks but that once the assailants "tasted blood, they couldn't stop," said Sgt. George Hammann of the Dayton police. The four suspects, two of them minors, were arrested Saturday after three days of holdups and shootings. In court appearances today, all were charged with aggravated murder and robbery. The spree began Thursday, when an 18-year-old woman was shot to death at a pay telephone. Later that day a man was shot four times outside a house, suffering minor wounds. On Friday, another man was shot to death while sitting in his car. Two other people were wounded Saturday, one critically, in the attempted robbery of a convenience store. Details on the fourth wounding were not disclosed. Victims in Gravel Dump the four suspects were riding in a stolen car when they were arrested early Saturday, and the car's owner was later found shot to death at his home. The last two victims, Wendy Cottrill, 16, and Marvin Washington, 18, were found slain Sunday in a gravel dump on the city's west side. Police Chief James Newby said those two had known their assailants and had probably been shot shortly before the suspects were arrested because "they knew too much." He did not elaborate. The two adult suspects, Marvellous Keene, 19, and Heather Matthews, 20, appeared in Dayton Municipal Court today and were each ordered held on cash bond of $5 million. The Montgomery County Prosecutor, Mathias Heck Jr., said he would seek the death penalty against both. The two juveniles, Demarcus Smith, 17, and Laura Taylor, 16, were held without bond after appearing in Montgomery County Juvenile Court. Mr. Heck said he would seek to have them tried as adults, which could lead to a sentence of as much as 25 years to life in prison. Photo: Demarcus Smith, one of four suspects in a "joy killing" spree in Dayton, Ohio, that has left five people dead and four wounded, appearing yesterday in Juvenile Court with his mother, Janice Heath. (Associated Press)

this advertisement relates to the theme because a film "The joy that kills" By kate chopin was created and its advertise by amazon
This picture shows Mrs. Mallard reaction to finding out her husbands death, but soon after all her thoughts of her been free again her husband came through the door and from all that exciment and dissapointment, she had an heart attack-of the joy she lost.
"The Story of an Hour." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 10 July 2013. Web. 07 Oct. 2013.
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