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rube Goldberg machine

No description

Cassie Duncan

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of rube Goldberg machine

Rube Goldberg Machine
The Fan
The first energy transfer started in the fan. The fan creates electrical and sound energy which is then transferred into the domino, that was pulled by a piece of string attached to the fan of the ramp. This then let the ping pong ball roll down the ramp. This created kinetic and gravitational potential energy.
The Car
When the golf ball exits the tunnel it hit the wind up car which released the elastic energy stored in the car to launch forward pushing the domino off the bench. This then produced gravitational energy and sound energy.
The domino was connected to a string of beads which fell off the bench and that created kinetic and gravitational potential energy. When the beads fell off the bench they triggered the leaver that fell down hitting the computer mouse. This created kinetic, sound and gravitational potential energy. The last energy transfer was the electric, heat and sound energy produced from the computer.
The aim of this assignment was to create a Rube Goldberg Machine. This is a machine that uses several forms of energy transfers to help you do something is everyday life.
For my Rube Goldberg Machine, I have chosen to make my machine conduct a Skype call because I use Skype everyday to call my dad who works overseas.
My Machine
The Dominoes
The next transfer was the ping pong ball hitting the dominoes which created kinetic and gravitational potential energy. Once the last domino fell it was connected to another domino with a piece of string, that stopped the marble from rolling down the books. When it fell the marble rolled down and this created kinetic and gravitational potential energy. After the marble fell down, it hit the golf ball, which then pushed the golf ball down the pipe creating kinetic and gravitational energy.
Energy Transfers
In my Rube Goldberg Machine there was 24 energy transfers. These included: Kinetic, gravitational potential, electric, elastic, sound and heat energy.
Thank you for listening
String attached to the fan and domino
Ping pong ball
marble and domino stopper
Book ramp
Golf ball
Pipe tunnel
Wind up car
Domino weighted trigger
Computer mouse
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