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Banning plastic bags?

No description

Sophia Montoya

on 2 October 2015

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Transcript of Banning plastic bags?

Should we ban plastic bags?
Today we are talking about a serious problem about plastic bags. Plastic bags can be deadly to the environment especially the ocean. We think plastic bags should be banned and reusable bags should take their place.
Reusable bags
Reusable bags have a lot more uses than plastic bags. You could use them for lunches, book bags, grocery bags, (etc.) Unlike reusable bags, plastic bags rip and tear. The worst is when people are lazy, and let their plastic bags fly away and harm the environment. This is what we should all use from
now on.
Those who rebuttal
Plastic Bags
Tons of polythene are produced worldwide every year. Hans Von Pechmann was the one who invented the plastic bags.(The Independent)Plastic bags are relatively new invention. In an average of 12 months, 13 billion plastic bags are given out to consumers.(The Independent) The average family gathers 60 plastic bags in only four trips to the market.(Reuseit) Ten percent of plastic bags winds up in the ocean.The petroleum used to produce 14 plastic bags
can drive a car for about a mile.(Huffingtonpost)
The picture on the right shows a turtle eating a plastic bag. This turtle thinks this plastic bag is a jelly fish so they will eat it. When they eat it they will choke. And imagine all those unused plastic bags, floating away and landing somewhere you don't know. They could all gather up and hurt a territory somewhere you don't even think they could go. Is this what you want?
What Will we do about plastic bags?
We have learned a lot from all the sites we looked at. This is a bad and serious matter. The government have been talking a lot about this. Some states already banned the use of plastic bags. We all hope that soon we will get the message that plastic bags are banned in America, or even better everywhere. Also that resuable bags are the best for the environment. We hope you all agree. Make America a greener place.
Why should it be banned?
Those who rebuttal say plastic bags are "helpful." "We use them for garbage bags or swim bags,(etc.)" They don't know how littering plastic bags can hurt our planet. Killing creatures, suffocating people, and making a mess everywhere. People need to be more aware of how plastic bags are affecting the environment we live in.
Work cited
Paper Bags
Americans use more than 10 billion paper bags each year.(Inteplast Group)About 4 million trees are cut down for paper bag production.(Inteplast Group) Each bag cost 10 cents or more, so if you want a bag you will have to pay every time you need one.

This question has been asked a lot all around the world. For example, Mumbai, India has already banned all plastic bags. We haven't yet.The supermarkets are fighting the idea, of course. Peter Larkin, president of the California Grocers Association, says a ban on plastic bags is unfair and impractical because it does not affect drugstores or convenience stores and because plastics would enter the city anyway, from the suburbs or elsewhere. Los Angeles officials are studying the impact of plastic bags on marine life, as a prelude to action.
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