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Periodic Table Project

Periodic Table as a Building: Variation 1

Cailin Weller

on 22 March 2010

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Transcript of Periodic Table Project

Double click anywhere & add an idea Periodic Table as a Building: Variation 1
by Cailin Weller, period 4 Bibliography:

Saecker, M. E. (2009, October 7). Periodic table presentations and inspirations. Retrieved from http://expertvoices.nsdl.org/chemeddl/2009/10/07/periodic-table-presentations-and-inspirations/



this periodic table is in the form of a three dimentional geometric shape, that resembles a building
the various shapes and prisms of this periodic table emphasise the and separate the "s," "p," "d," and "f," blocks of the periodic table
using this periodic table it is difficult to see how trends such as reaction level, shilding, atomic radii, and effective nuclear charge increase or decrease across the periodic table The periodic Table as a building, variation 1, was created by Mark Leach’s online Database of Periodic Table Formulations. This table was first created in 2009, during ACS National Chemistry Week. During this week multiple three dimentional versions of the periodic table, including the periodic table as a building, were created.
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