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Using Windows Movie Maker and Blogs for English Language Tea

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Hoksrun Ke

on 17 November 2015

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Transcript of Using Windows Movie Maker and Blogs for English Language Tea

Using Windows Movie Maker and Blogs for English Language Teaching
Group member:

Using Window Movie maker and Blogs to facilitate English learning activities
A half day Workshop
30 Participants
English high school teachers
Technical Equipments required
A notebook and pen to record.
The goals:

1) Engage in interactive learning activities
2) Understand the importance of ICT for English teaching
3) Gain knowledge of how to use ICT for English teaching
Background Factors:

30 English teachers who have limited use of ICT in classrooms.
Some have experienced with using ICT in their classroom based on the possibility and available resources.
Social Relevance
play a very important roles
With the ability of using ICT in their classroom
not only understand the lessons easily but also learn how to use ICT for their English learning.
students can apply their English and ICT in daily life.
ICT plays a significant role in English learning today.
Rationale for using:

Windows Movie Maker (WMM)
a free video editing software
easily accessible for users to make and edit their own movies.
helps students practice their English speaking
students will experience more with English learning
easily share their own movie clips with family and friends
Activity 1

Introducing others


a) improve their communicative speaking skills in introducing others.
b) use WMM effectively

The students were taught how to use WMM and also given a model of how to introduce others

- Ss are informed about the video
- Ss divided into 10 groups of three.
- Ss make dialogue and record their own video
- and submit to the teacher
- T gives marks and feedback
Activity 2:
1) Topic:
Daily routines
2) Objective:

- improve their speaking skills in narrating
- use WMM effectively
3) Assumption:
The Ss taught how to use WMM and
given a model of daily routines
4) Procedure/Steps:
- The Ss informed about the video in pairs for about 10 minutes.
- The Ss make a list of their daily routines and submit it to the teacher
- The teacher checks and suggests some revision if necessary.
- The Ss record and explain their daily routine activities
- Their final product submitted to the teacher and the teacher gives marks and feedback
2. Blogs
individual online journal or diary
can edit, update, publish and share
used to characterize the author’s opinion
Ss use their blogs to write composition
Readers can give comments
It’s a two-way communication.
The content of the blog can be read and searched
Ss can still access their past content
Activity 1:
1) Topic:
How to cook chicken curry
2) Objective:

a) improve their listening skills
b) respond the questions through commenting based on the video
3) Assumption:
The SS were taught how to
use Blogs and given a model
4) Procedure/Steps:
- Ss informed about using Blogs to watch the video and read the questions
- T uploads the video, writes instructions and questions
- Ss answer the questions and give comments
- Only 3 days to answer the questions and comment
- SS get scored based on answers and comments
- Late answers will not get marked
Activity 2:
1) Topic:
Posting a WMM video on their own Blogs
2) Objective:

a) improve their writing skills in a process of creating a WMM video
b) use Blogs effectively
3) Assumption:
The Ss were taught how to use upload a WMM video to their Blogs
4) Procedure/Steps:
- Ss informed about uploading the video
from the activity 1
- Ss write the process of creating WMM in a group of 3
- Ss post their video and the writing onto their Blogs and share with T in a week.
- Their Blogs are checked, marked, and commented.
- Late post will not get scored.
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