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Andy Biersack

No description

victoria gay

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Andy Biersack

Andy Biersack
Anyone who has Facebook he puts post up everyday and he helps bring the people who are in the dark places out into the light so that they don't have to self-harm themselves and he is a good role model because he is directed towards helping people
Andy is my role model because i use to feel lost and i now know that i was not the only one that i have bad child hood
Andy's accomplishments were that he made two bands one was called the Biersack after his last name and then he wanted to be none for more so then he had his friends help make a new band and Black Veil Brides was born
Andy was interested in hockey, music, and helping the world from self-harm bringing people out of the dark he is still trying to help people even if he has a busy schedule he still is with the Black Veil Brides and they have gotten ride of one band member
Andy learned anything musical from his dad,Brock, who was in a punk band called "The Edge" Andy has bright blue eyes he is now 6'2" and he is 22 years old.
Andy Beirsack was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and then he moved to Cincinnati, Ohio at a young age
My Role Model is Andy Biersack
Andy is my role model because i have found an interest in his music and is positive aptitude
He was born in December 26, 1990 and his mom and dad said when he was brought into this world he was already a rock star.
When Andy Was Born
Where Andy Was Born
Andy's Childhood
What is Andy's Interests
What are Andy's Accomplishments
Traits that Andy Biersack exhibits a Positive Attitude, Respect, Courage, Self-Control, and Responsibility
Andy went to school Ohio at the School for Creative and Performing Arts so that he could become a great singer and inspire kids today
Charactar Traits Exhibited
Why is Andy Biersack my role model
Impact on Society
Andy has a positive attitude because he has ADHD and that does not phase him any he will not let that get i the way of his life
he has courage by being able to go up on stage and sing for all his fans
he has respect for his friends, family, and fans when they need him he is always there for them
he has kept himself from doing drugs unlike his brothers did they tried to get him to do drugs
he is responsible because he is always on time for practice and concerts he is also responsible because he is always helping people
Directed Towards Helping People
yes my role model is directed towards helping people because he has said this phrase many times " You no longer walk alone" those word changed my life and others
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