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Medal of Honor

No description

lib hist

on 25 September 2015

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Transcript of Medal of Honor

Jason Dunham
On April 14, 2004 Jason Dunham and his unit approached a Toyota and discovered AK-47's the driver ran out of the car and fired at Dunham's unit, Dunham attempted to take him down by using hand- hand combat but the driver dropped a hand grenade and Dunham threw himself onto it and used his helmet to shield his comrades. He was awarded the Medal of Honor shortly after he died.
Sammy Lee Davis
Kyle Carpenter
On June 19,2014 USMC Corporal William Kyle Carpenter was awarded the Medal of Honor. During an attack from the Taliban he threw himself onto a grenade to shield a fellow Marine on a rooftop.
Medal of Honor Recipients
By: Shawn Daniel and Jeff Alexander
Kyle White
Kyle White was awarded the Medal of Honor for administering life saving medical aid to his comrades and for radioing situational reports.
November 18, 1967 Sammy Davis and Unit were attacked by the North Vietnamese Army. Davis manned a machine gun to give his unit covering fire we was wounded and did not listen to warnings to take cover. Since he couldn't swim to the other side of the river, he used a air mattress to get across to help three wounded soldiers. He was awarded the Medal Of Honor the following year
Kyle White and Sammy Davis
Kyle White and Sammy Davis both showed valor. These men risked their lives for the greater good and to help and save their comrades and the ones they considered brothers during their deployments.
Jason Dunham and Kyle Carpenter
Jason Dunham and Kyle Carpenter both showed sacrifice, courage and valor. Kyle Carpenter and Jason Dunham are both alike because the were willing to sacrifice themselves
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