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Final Project Unit-3 "Extreme Sport"

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manuel torres patiño

on 12 April 2016

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Transcript of Final Project Unit-3 "Extreme Sport"

Final Project Unit-3 "Extreme Sport"

The skate that began by the 1970s in California and quickly evolved to this day. This extreme sport while serving as transportation in cities around the world can also perform stunts , jumps and stunts which several falls at the beginning and some other lesions can enjoy greatly .

Why does people practice these sports ?
The skate consists of:

Skateboarding is a sport that consists of sliding on a board with wheels and turn to perform variety of tricks , most of them raising the floorboard and making figures and pirouettes with her in the air.
Personas famosas que practican el skate
What are extreme sports?

Extreme sports are those sports or leisure , or professional with a sport that involve a real or perceived danger by difficult or extreme conditions in which they practice .

Features of extreme sports
· Satisfaction of preferences.

· Control of emotions.

· Personal Commitment .

. Search for new challenges.

Where you can go ?
And if you do not do it for fear of falling off , it is very nice to see is very enjoyable to see the skaters skate and jump as rotate several meters in the air and fall as if nothing had happened

Practice this type of sport that causes addiction and has many varieties of extreme movements climbing adrenaline.
anywhere on a street where you can roll or on a track specially designed for this sport , it is also suitable for beginners start on grass or carpet . ( Skatepark )

a table with wheels and protection for athletes
Why are extreme sports on the rise ?
Extreme sports are increasingly attracting more people looking for a space to consume adrenaline, tension and bounce freer

more balance
You can use your table skateboarding as transportation
It makes you think faster
it can cause death
Tony Hawk
Used to skate ?
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