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Democratus atom

No description

Sophia Trahan

on 31 August 2017

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Transcript of Democratus atom

Digging Deep
When Democritus discovered that everything was made up of the tiny things called Atoms. When he discovered atoms he said that they were solid and invisible.
Short intro
Democratus was the 1st person to ever say the word atom or come up with the idea.
Atom model
Digging deep
Sometime in the early 1900's JJ. Thomson discovered the electrons. His theory was the atom was a positive ball with negatively charged electrons on the inside.
Short intro
Was discovered by JJ. Thomson and he discovered electrons and came up with the plum pudding model
Digging deep
There is no much to say about this atom except for that it was discovered by Neil Bohr in 1913 and that the electrons and protons rotate around the nucleus.
Solar System model
Democritus atom
Plum Pudding Model
Solar System model
The History of Atoms
Positively charged
Negatively charged
BY Sophia T
Standard Model
Short intro
The theory is 61 different particles and that the electrons are kind of bouncing around in different places and no one person created it it was a team effort
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