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Mexico has had important women throughout its history and in this prezi we present to you the biographies of some of them

Lizbeth Soza

on 11 October 2010

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The woman heart it's like a sacred urn enclosing the most gentle and sensitive perfumes, virtue and piety, as the self-sacrificing love of mother, wife and daughter.
… During the independence war, the mexican women toured our cities and battlegrounds, as protector deities, warming up with their love a bigger love. Surprising with their abilities, shedding their own blood as their husbands and sons.
… Mexican women were witnesses about that century, under secret or openly pro-independence. Every defeat made a cloud on her heads and their beautiful eyes stream tears of joy when they received a good notice.
… With the names of those heroins, little known and many unknown, must form a bouquet
She was born in Mexico, Distrito Federal, in 1789. She decided to collaborate with the insurgent movement, being a messenger. She helped fugitives and sent money and medicines . 1813, she was arrested for the participation in the movement and was sent to the convent of Belén de las Mochas. She was rescued and taken to Tlalpujahua, Michoacán. After her escape, the governmente seized all her properties and money. She suffered together with the insurgents and gave birth to her first daughter in a cave. With the consummation of Mexico´s Independence, in 1822 the government returned some of the fortune that she had destined to the Independence war.
Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez was born on September 8th. 1768, in Valladolid. She studied in the prestigious Colegio de las Viscaínas. She married Miguel Domínguez. They moved to Queretaro where he became "Corregidor", because of that she is known as "La Corregidora". She organized literary meetings in which Miguel Hidalgo made the conspiracy against the government. She died in 1829 in Mexico city, but we remembered her because of her courage and loyalty to her country
María Gertrudis Bocanegra de Mendoza de Lazo de Vega was born in 1765. She got married Lieutenat Pedro de Vega, a soldier in the Spanish provincial forces of Michoacan. Bocanegra read the principal authors of the age and when Mexico´s war independence began, she served as a messenger for the insurgents. Her husband and son died alongside Hidalgo. She was arrested, tortured and executed in 1817. She is known as “La Heroína de Pátzcuaro”
Maria Ignacia Rodríguez commonly known as “La Güera Rodríguez”, she spoke in favor of the insurgents; that facts was listened by the Spanish people and when she was interrogated she said them their secrets with dignity and pride. She wasn’t interrogated again.
Altagracia Mercado, Heroin of Hidalgo she got a small army by her own money. She fought against Spanish government without fear but with courage. Her courage caused admiration of Spanish leaders who decided give her freedom, saying “women like her should not die”
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