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5E Lesson Plan: The Rock Cycle

No description

brooke smith

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of 5E Lesson Plan: The Rock Cycle

5E Lesson Plan:
The Rock Cycle

Brooke Smith and Megan Englebrecht
Title: The Rock Cycle
Grade: 7th Grade
Standard: S6:C2:PO1 - Explain the Rock Cycle

Engage: Gallery walk - Rock Samples
Explore: Journey Through the Rock Cycle "Life Size Board Game"
Explain: Illustrate the Journey - Comic Strips
Elaborate: Journey Through the Rock Cycle - Compare and Contrast
Evaluate: Writing Prompt - A "Rock's Life Story"

Gallery Walk
Expectations -
Write a observation, question, or response at EACH station
Be respectful and appropriate
Whisper Voices
Earth's Interior
Each of these stations consist of five dice that can send the student in any direction based on their roll.

At the Earth's Interior Station a student can roll "Magama is forced up, go to Volcano or Pressure occurs remain here" This will determine whether they remain at the station for another roll or move
Rock Cycle Board Game
Students will Actively take part in the "Rock Cycle."

There are 7 stations
during the "Journey through the Rock Cycle" game
Shared Experience
This activity is good for ALL students, easily be modified to help students who need modifications or more of a challenge by working in strategic pairs.

Each student gets to explore during the same activity, but will have a different outcome to share with the class.
Link to Cognition

This is a good introductory activity to the rock cycle because of its hands on aspect that allows students to socially interact with one another and with very little direct instruction!
Why is there no beginning or end to the rock cycle?

What natural events aid the rock cycle?

How does temperature and or heat affect the rock cycle?

Does every rock have the same path through the rock cycle?

Guiding Questions
Share with your Neighbor
What is one thing observed during the gallery walk?

Write down what your neighbor says, Be PREPARED to share with the class.
Whole Class
Share Out
Introducing Vocabulary
Using the rock cycle handouts that were used to track the progress of Students (rocks) through the "Journey through the Rock Cycle" game will be turned into a comic strip
Journey through the Rock Cycle: Round TWO

Students will be sent back through the rock cycle, and will then be asked to compare and contrast their First and Second Experience
Answering the
Big Idea and Questions
Writing Prompt:
Pretend your are a rock in the rock cycle, tell the story of the rock explaining the process from the point of view of the rock. You must include each stage of the cycle, and explain what is happening at each stage and why.
What is the life cycle for humans/animals. How does this compare/contrast to the rock cycle?
What are natural events that occur in your life? How can you relate this to different stages in the rock cycle?
How do outside events affect your life? How does this compare/contrast to conditions that affect the cycle rocks go through?
Does every person have the same path in life? How does this compare to rocks going through the rock cycle?

Relating the Rock Cycle to Student lives
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