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Top Ten Sports and Entertainment in the 1500s

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Transcript of Top Ten Sports and Entertainment in the 1500s

Top 10 Entertainments and Sports in the 1500's Top Ten Back in the 1500-1600's they didnt have electronics to keep them entertained and so ten other hobbies, activities, and sports that they used for entertainment include... Tennis Football Hunting Jousting Executions Plays Bowls Bear Baiting Dice Archery Tennis The sport tennis was a major sport that was played throughout the 16th and 17th centuries. In fact the tennis racquet was not invented until the 16th century, making a major advancement in the game. Rules of Play The rules of tennis or "royal tennis" as it was called in the 16th century are relatively the same as current day tennis. 1. The play is started as one player hits or serves the ball over a net towards his opponent. 2. The player who is returning the serve must then try to return the ball back over the net. 3. One difference with royal tennis than with current tennis is that players were allowed to hit the ball off of the wall giving it an awkward spin. 4. Points were scored if a player could hit the ball into areas on the walls, by knocking down targets set up at the back of the court, or by making the ball bounce more than twice on your opponents side of the court. If the ball bounced twice on your side, you were able to return it as long as your hit was longer than the second bounce on your side. Jousting Jousting was a sport that was meant only for the rich along with higher class people and was a simple sport to compete in. It consisted of two men on horse back riding towards each other in a field. The goal was to knock your opponent off of his horse while you stayed on yours. In order to joust you needed to have a horse, a lance, a shield, and armor. Jousting Shield Lance Armor Executions Even though executions may not be the first thing that comes to mind for entertainment purposes, they were still considered a source of entertainment. If nothing else such was currently available one could easily go to an execution and watch the guilty get punished. The most cruel and severe process of which a person was executed was very gruesome and violent and consisted of three stages. The person was first dragged by horse to the execution site where he was hung until he was almost dead. He was then disemboweled (drawn), and finally had his body chopped into four pieces (quartered). Hanged, Drawn, and Quartered Sometimes the body parts of the executed person where displayed at certain sites to act as a message and statement to others. Bowls The game of bowls as played in the 1500's was very simlar to bocce ball that we play today. The objective of the game is to toss or roll small balls called "bowls" as close as you can towards the previously tossed smaller ball called the "jack". A player was awarded a point for every wood he had closer towards the jack than his opponent. The players continued to repeat this process until one player reaches 21, he is then declared the winner. The bowler/thrower of the jack is determined with a coin toss and players alternate turns to bowl the jack after each round. player 1 player 2 * there for player one would receive two points for that round. silver balls=woods green ball=jack Dice There were a few popular dice games in the 1500's but one of the most simple and popular dice game was known as "pluck the owl". "Pluck The Owl" Pluck the owl was a very easy and straight forward game to play. Players rolled three dices and depending on their combination, they would either take or add chips to the pool. In order to win, the player had to gain or sweep all of the chips in the pool by rolling these combinations. Certain combinations like a three sixes allowed the player to take the entire pool, while other triplets allowed you to take half of the pool. Note: instructions were written on the tables so the players knew what to do when each combination was rolled. "Pluck the owl" playing table Bibliography http://www.pbm.com/pipermail/hist-games/2001/000662.html http://www.real-tennis.nl/?page=TheCourtsTheGame http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real_tennis#Manner_of_play http://www.middle-ages.org.uk/hung-drawn-and-quartered.htm http://www.mastersgames.com/rules/bowls-rules.htm http://www.pbm.com/pipermail/hist-games/2001/000662.html Relating to Shakespeare Finding entertainment in the 16th and 17th century wasn't as easy as it is today. Shakespeare however wrote a number of plays including "The Merchant of Venice", "Romeo and Juliet" and "MacBeth", along with many others. These plays came to be a major form of entertainment and were valued greatly by people from the 1500's-1600's. Football Football was invented and played in Europe of the Middle Ages. Alternative names include folk football, mob football and Shrovetide football. Some of these games are played in current times. These games may also be regarded as the "ancestors" of modern codes of football. By comparison with later forms of football, the medieval matches were chaotic and had barely any rules. Hunting Hunting was popular for sport among the upper classes and there were strict rules about who could hunt where. Plays Theatre, when Shakespeare was alive, was different to now. Back then women weren't allowed to act in plays; instead men played the roles of women. Theatre productions were performed in the day since they didn't have lights in the 1500s. A soliloquy is an acting technique where the actor talks to himself to express his thoughts. The people that went to the theatre in the early days were out of work and living in the street. Later on though theatre became something that the public went to. Although royalty and nobles could see plays in public theatres they prefer that the play was performed at their homes in private. Bear Bating Bear baiting was a form of blood sport: a bear would be chained to a post in the ring, still able to move, but not escape, and dogs would be set on the animal. Spectators would bet on whether it would be the dogs or the bear that would survive the vicious fight that ensued. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_Bear_Baiting_of_medieval_times http://en.wikipedia.org Archery Archery is one of the oldest arts of ancient times, which is still practiced today. From its first development until the 1500s, the bow was man's constant companion and has been the most widely used of all weapons in recorded history. The bow allowed the prehistoric human to become the most efficient hunter on earth, providing him safety, food and raw materials such as bone, sinew and hide. From that time on, archery has played an important role in many of the world's civilizations.
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