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Insurgent | Hero's Journey

No description

tim gasper

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of Insurgent | Hero's Journey

Insurgent | Hero's Journey
Stage One
Stage One
Normal Life.
Life In Amity
At the beginning of the movie, Four, Peter, Caleb and Tris are in Amity. Amity is a peaceful faction. They live casually, having chores and such.
Stage Two
Life is threatened
Amity Under Attack
Amity Under Attack
After the Dauntless have order to capture all divergents, these orders were given by the Erudite. They attack Amity.
Stage Four and Six
Hero finds a mentor and meets new allies.
Tris Meets The Factionless.
After escaping Amity, Four,Caleb and Tris get on a train. Meeting the factionless. They fought, one taking Tris hostage, he gives them his real name. The Factionless leader has been looking for him, his mother.
Stage 5
Embarking on a journey.
Arriving at Candor
After Tris and Four leave, they go to Candor where they are arrested and brought to Candor's leader, Jack Kang. They are arrested and put under the Truth Serum. Tris tells the crowd how she killed William (Character in Movie 1) . After Candor is attacked by the Dauntless. Tris is then checked by Eric the Dauntlesses leader and found that she is 100% Divergent, proving she is Jeanines best test subject for the box.
Stage 7
The Hero faces the challenger
Stage 8
The Sim Test
At the sims test Tris had to go through many challenges. To prove she was a Divergent she had to prove she was Peaceful, Selfless, Inteligente, Brave and Honest. As she did this, her vitals dropped after completing multiple courses. This shocking Jeanine. Peter rolls her dead body back to the cell block where she was kept. Four (Tobias) Was also there.
Stage 9
Tris, Sim Test #2
Tris attempts the Sim test a second time. This time opening the box. After this happening, Jeanine is killed by Evelyn (Four's mother).
Tris Dies and Comes Back
Stage 12
When Tris opens the box, it reveals that inside the walled cities, was all an experiment. After hearing this, Jeanine orders Four and Tris to be executed. Moments after this, the Factionless blow the doors off the testing room, subduing Jeanine and her soldiers. After most begin to leave the city, Jeanine is executed by Evelyn.
The hero enters a area of darkness, emotionally.
Tris Gets Captured
Tris turns herself in when Jeanine uses the serum to make Factionless members fall to their deaths. She is immediatly arrested and was strapped into a Sim trial to attempt on opening the box.
The Ultimate Challenges
Stage 11
The Hero Dies and Comes back.
Tris is thought to be dead,
only to come back and with the help of Four & Peter, take down the guards.
The Elixir/Potent Potion
that restores peace to the
ordinary world.
When Tris opens the box.
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