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Dana Dinardo

on 18 November 2014

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Animal Cell
The cytoplasm is the jelly-like substance surrounding the nucleus, where organelles (special structures in a cell) reside. This is like the citizens of the country, because it makes up more than half of the cells volume, and within it are the organelles, which help the cell function. As though the cytoplasm is the people, and within the people are the ones who work for the government to help run the country.

Is the center of the cell, controls many of the functions of other parts of the cell. It is similar to the president, or other important political figures, because they are responsible for maintaining and running the country, as the nucleus is responsible for running and controlling the functioning parts of a cell.

Cell Membrane
The cell membrane is like the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol because the cell membrane protects and organizes the cell, when the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol prevent terrorists, and other people that don’t belong in the country. Keep the country safe from outsiders.

Nuclear Membrane
Is the layer of membrane outside the nucleus. It is like the secret service because it protects the nucleus from harm, as the secret service does for the president, and other important political figures responsible for running the country as the nucleus runs the rest of the cell.

The nucleolus is an organelle that makes RNA in it, it resides in the nucleus. This is similar to congress, because they make laws, which can be similar to the RNA, and this also resides in the nucleolus, like congress residing in the government.
Golgi Bodies
They package proteins and carbohydrates into vesicles and “exports” them from the cell. This is similar to the U.S postal service because they allow you to package goods or information that you wish to send to different places, and they export those things to the place you want them to go.

Ribosomes are an organelle that reside in the Cytoplasm, they translate RNA into proteins, which is called protein synthesis. An analogy to ribosomes can be the legislative branch of congress. They are responsible for turning the bills written into laws, by majority voting. They go through this process which can be similar to the protein synthesis.
This organelle converts energy into ATP, the act of converting energy in glucose into ATP is similar to the job of the press secretary who is responsible for sharing events and information happening in the government with the rest of the people in the country. This person converts information that is known in the government, into information put on the news for the rest of the world to see.
By: Isabella Laufer and Dana Dinardo
This organelle is a complicated system within itself of membranous sacks that transport materials throughout the cell. This is similar to the transportation system in the U.S, like the underground trains system. They are related because they are both complicated systems that transport things throughout their cell (or country).

Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
The smooth ER is a branch off of the rough ER, but instead of sacks, it is membranous tubes transporting materials to other organelles. An analogy to the smooth ER could be the physical drivers of the transportation system because they are part of the transportation just as the smooth ER is part of the rough ER.
Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
The flagella organelle is what helps the cell as a whole to move. This is similar to how Air Force One provides movement for the president during times in which he needs to travel. Although the president is an analogy for the nucleus, the president often represents most of the government and congress when on trips out of the country. This is why Air Force One is like the flagella because it helps the “government” to move, as the flagella allows the cell to move.
Cilia is a long string-like organelle that acts as an antennae for the cell during its movements. An analogy for this could be the FBI or the CIA because they can act as protection to the government, when they are moving throughout the world, or inside our country. They both help their systems to know everything that is going on and what is coming their ways.
Centrioles are small sets of microtubules, they are always found in pairs and move in opposite directions during cell division. This is similar to the senates of each state. There are two senators for each state, but they can be from different houses, which means on Capitol Hill, they would separate, like the cell division.

This organelle determines the shape of the cell. It decides the framework for how the cell will look and what shape it will take. This is similar to Capitol Hill, because this building is the framework for the government. This is where congress resides, and where the president works. Just like within the cytoskeleton, it is where all of the organelles allow the cell to function properly.

This organelle contains digestive enzymes and in this organelle, the digestion of cell nutrients occurs. An analogy of a Lysosome can be a national news broadcast about governmental issues, or world issues affecting our country, because it is their job to break down the story and tell us the important and key facts. This is similar to the way the lysosome breaks down the cell nutrients and just allows the most important cell nutrients to remain.

The food vacuole organelle is a vacuole that is membrane-enclosed and it holds food materials to digest the parts that are not needed. This is similar to the judicial branch of the government because the judicial branch is a working part within the government similar to the food vacuole which is an organelle within the cell. The judicial branch resolves cases and solves problems, just like how the food vacuole breaks down materials that are not needed.
Food Vacuole
The nucleus is the center of the cell, controls many of the functions of other parts of the cell. It is similar to the president, or other important political figures, because they are responsible for maintaining and running the country, as the nucleus is responsible for running and controlling the functioning parts of a cell.
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