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Waverly Jong

No description

Allison McNett

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Waverly Jong

Waverly Jong Rules of the Game Chess prodigy
lots of attention
mother shows her off
embarassed of mother

Lindo Jong Takes mother to apartment
"And so I watched her, seeing her
reaction to the changes in my apartment-from the pristine habitat I maintained after the divorce when all of a sudden I had too much time to keep my little life in order-to this present chaos, a home full of life and love." (185) Four Directions Waverly gets engaged to a man named Rich. She must work up the courage to tell her mother. Waverly, Rich and Shoshana go to dinner at Waverly's parents' house. Rich does not particularly fit in. The Red Candle Arranged marriage to Tyan-yu
Blows out marriage candle and makes up elaborate story
Family pays her off and goes to America Doube Face Goes to beauty parlor with Wavorly
Talks about her life when first moving to the U.S.
Got a job at a cookie factory, met An-mei Hsu and was introduded to her husband, Tim Jong.
Discuss identity at beauty parlor.
Lindo thinks about her two faces- one Chinese and one American.

waverly becomes upset and goes to confront her mother but stops herself when she sees her mother vulnerable and defensless. Waverly sees her mother for who she really is and seems to understand her For waverly, the game of chess symbolizes her life. Just as each move in chess has an effect, every decision she must make in her life has a result, positive or negative. "IN my head, I saw a chessboard with sixty-four black and white squares. Opposite me was my opponent, tow angry black slits. She wore a triumphant smile. 'STrongest wind cannot be seen,' she said" (103) "i closed my eyes and pondered my next move." (103) "It's hard to keep your Chinese face in America" (294) "IT is like what happened when I went back to China last year, after I had not been there for almost forty years. I had taken off my fancy jewelry. I did not wear loud colors. I spoke their language. I used their local money. But still, they knew. They knew my face was not one hundred percent Chinese. They still charged me high foreign prices. So now I think, what did I lose? What did I get back in return? I will ask my daughter what she thinks." (305)
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