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Someone Named Eva

No description

Michelle Morse-Wendt

on 30 January 2018

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Transcript of Someone Named Eva

Time: May, 1942-October, 1945

Town of Lidice, Czechoslovakia
Lebensborn Center in Puschkau, Poland
Nazi Family Home in Furstenberg, Germany
Point of View
This story is told through the
first person point of view
of Milada/Eva.

I think the author chose that point of view so that the reader could really experience first hand what Milada experienced. We got to know all of her thoughts and feelings and only saw things from her perspective. A third person point of view wouldn't let us get to know Milada that deeply.
The main conflict was that Milada was taken from her family, trained to be a German girl, and adopted into a German family. She didn't know if she would ever see her family again.

The primary type of conflict was a
Man vs. Society
conflict because Milada was having to face Nazi society as a non-Nazi.

Nazi Germany

How does Milada responded to her challenge?
She works to remember who she is despite being turned into a German girl. She does this by keeping her grandmother's pin with her always.

Character Change:
Milada starts off as an innocent 11 year old with a good family and friends. Throughout the book, she is torn from her family and placed with strangers forcing her to ultimately stand up for herself and take care of herself by the end of the book.
Literary Elements by Michelle Morse
Someone Named Eva
Plot Summary

to live peacefully with her family in Lidice, Czechoslovakia,
Hitler had his Nazis terrorize her town by tearing apart her family, sending them to concentration camps, and sending her to a school to learn how to become the perfect German girl.
, Milada becomes Eva, but she secretly keeps a pin from her grandmother to help her remember who she is, even when she is sent to live with a new family.
, the war ends and she is rescued and reunited with her mother.
Humankind has an incredible capacity for brutality, as well as an incredible ability to survive-and even thrive-despite horrific events.
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