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Forensic Anthropology

No description

Rebekah Puffpaff

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of Forensic Anthropology

Anthropology Nature of Work:
Determine cause and approximate time of death, provide expert witness testimony, and identify remains. Work environment:
special government agencies,
field work inclusing
excavation sites, and foreign countries. types of aptitudes and skills needed to be successful:
Must be able to communicate,
critical in way of thinking,
ethical. Education and Training Requirements

Although Most Forensic Anthropologist have a Ph.D.

You will need a bachelor’s degree in anatomy, biology, chemistry, physiology or anthropology as well as a graduate degree in human biology or anthropology. Salary and Benefits

This is widely varied.
For example a full time professor would make 90,000-100,000 a year

Employment Outlook

This is varied as well
There isn't really a demand for it. Opportunities For Advancement

They advance through the ranks of instructors.

In the medical field or coroner's office, adv.ment is limited; most likely getting the position of lead.
Benefits and Drawbacks of working in this career

Benefits: Travel, Respect

Drawbacks: Time-consuming, Personal withdrawal, and limited work Other skills and interests that would be useful in this career

Be able to testify in court as an expert witness and fully explain your findings
• whether skeletal bones are human or animal
• the original position of the body at the time of death
• any environmental forces that altered the human remains after death
• the types of tools that were used to kill victims or dismember them
Other related jobs in this field

Public Speaker
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