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McREL's Products and Services

This is a comprehensive picture of McREL’s (Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning) products and services and how they fit together to help schools improve the odds of learning for students.

Matt Kuhn

on 11 March 2010

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Transcript of McREL's Products and Services

Influences on
Student Learning School Level Classroom Level Student Level Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum
Challenging Goals and Effective Feedback
Parent and Community Involvement
Safe and Orderly Environment
Collegiality and Professionalism Home Environment
Learned Intelligence/ Backgound Knowledge
Motivation Instructional Strategies
Classroom Management
Classroom Curriculum Design How does McREL’s products and services fit together to help schools improve the odds of learning for students? Research and Evaluation of Programs and Policies
Local Evaluations
Large-scale federal and state studies
Analyses of implementation and impact Workshops and Training
McREL experts provide brief (1-3 day) workshops — at our training facilities in Denver or in your school or district — that help participants learn from research to gain basic knowledge and fundamental skills.
Professional Development Programs
In addition to brief seminars and workshops, McREL offers comprehensive, intensive professional development programs that not only build knowledge and skills, but also change educators’ practices. School Improvement Guidance
Our Success in Sight approach to school improvement shows school leaders how to engage in continuous improvement efforts guided by the research-based practices. Technical Assistance/ Consulting
McREL can also serve as your "critical friend" helping your organization conduct research, evaluate programs, analyze standards and curricula, conduct public outreach, or fill gaps in your knowledge or skills. When you partner with McREL, you get a world-class team of researchers, professional developers, and school improvement experts ready to help you address your challenges.
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