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Robert Pickton...Feed 'em to the Pigs

No description

Karli Robb

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Robert Pickton...Feed 'em to the Pigs

Robert Pickton...Feed 'em to the Pigs
British Columbia Missing Women Investigation
The Basics...
Number of Victims: 6-50
Date of Murders: 1995-2001
Date of Arrest: February 22, 2002
Method of Murder: Strangulation [with a piece of wire], shooting
Location: Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
Sentence: Life in prison, with no possibility of parole for 10-25 years...longest sentence available under Canadian Law for murder
Missed Opportunity
Pickton was first charged for a crime against a woman on April 1, 1997
The charges against him: attempted murder, assault with a weapon, forcible confinement, and aggravated assault of a young women who is referred to as "Ms. Anderson"
The charges were ultimately stayed, with one year to re-open.
There is evidence that the Pickton's hired a private investigator to retrieve background information on the young woman. The intent was to "deal with her." She may not have known she was being investigated, however her fear of "Willie" Pickton is believed to be the reason she did not show up in court. Without her testimony, there was no case.
Pickton was released despite his brutal attack on the young girl
He would not be arrested again until some time in 2002.
What is a serial killer?
serial killer,n
a person who commits a series of murders, often with no apparent motive and typically following a characteristic behaviour pattern

There is some belief that serial killers are, in fact, born serial killers; carrying a specific genotype.
Our guy
Richard Hickock
Perry Smith
Jeff Dahmer
Charles "The Man" Manson
Wait, WHAT. He killed 6-49 people!
"The women didn't go missing. They aren't just absent, they didn't just go away. They were taken, taken from their families, taken from their friends, taken from their communities.…We know they were murdered."
Oppal, Forsaken, 2012
Ongoing investigation of missing women in Vancouver from the early 1980's to 2002
60+ women missing [Most believed to have been taken and murdered by Robert Pickton]
Pickton becomes focus of this investigation in 2002
FORSAKEN: The Report of the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry
Written to criticize efforts made in finding missing women
"Stay": court order preventing the carrying out of any action until a future event occurs
The Investigation

The farm was originally searched under a search warrant for illegal firearms. This was in 2002. It has been a little over five years since Pickton was arrested for the attempted murder of "Ms. Anderson". Although police have suspected Pickton to be responsible for many of the missing women in the area, mistakes made by police along with a lack of evidence leads to Pickton remaining free, until now.
Two weeks after the initial search, with wire taps and constant surveillance in place, evidence of further criminal activity was found.
On February 13, investigator Hetherington is called back to one of the sites.
Crime scene investigators pointed out a multitude of places that have been covered in blood.
The possibility of blood leads to further evidence collection.
Investigator Vrolyk discovers what appears to be inhalers, one with a prescription receipt with a victims name on it still attached.
Evidence found at the site:
Blood on walls, counters, bed sheets, blankets, clothing, etc.,
Two storage units are discovered within a five minute drive of the farm containing: clothing, bags of power tools, saws, a briefcase containing documents with a victims name attached as well as a woman's black belt and an envelope full of teeth
Cameron, S. (2011). On the Farm: Robert William Pickton and the Tragic Story of Vancouver's Missing Women. Random House LLC.
Investigation cont.
"Willie" Pickton was a repeat customer on the lower east side where he would pick up drug addicted prostitutes of various ages.
In the late 90s, his brother would pick up women and bring them to the farm to meet Willie [Many of those women were never seen again]
He was a regular customer at many of the Lower Eastside bars. Many women were picked up from here and brought back to the farm
Finding the right one...
Back on the Farm
After find a woman, he would persuade them to join him at the farm.
After the women fulfilled his sexual desires he would strangle them with a metal wire or shoot them.
He would then put the bodies through a wood chipper of dismember and mutilate them himself.
Following this act, the remains would be fed to the pigs.
Pickton may have mixed some of the remains with pig meat. Although the meat was not sold commercially, the possibility exists that he may have given it to friends and neighbors.
Portion of the Pickton Farm
The main crime scene is the Pickton farm, which spans 14 acres of land.
The investigation cost nearly 17 million dollars after the first year.
Re-creation is difficult as many bodies were never found. What was recovered were only parts.
It is belief Pickton disposed of the remains across the entirety of the crime scene.
Though the DNA found on objects at the scene matched that of missing woman Sarah de Vries, its presence was not conducive to the notion that she was ever present at the location.
Some teeth found at the scene still proved to have a hard enamel, increasing the likelihood of being able to extract DNA from the interior.
A microscopic view...
A macroscopic view...
Crimes scenes included: Pickton Farm, West Coast Reduction Plant, and Imperial Self-Storage
The West Coast Reduction Plant is a rendering plant where Pickton brought animal carcasses before he began killing women. He stated he disposed of many of the women's bodies here.
Many of the tools investigators believed Pickton used on his victims were found in the storage units he rents at Imperial Self-Storage
The farm was broken up into smaller sites in order to properly search entire area thoroughly.
SITE A: Pickton's trailer
SITE B: The Slaughterhouse
SITE V-3: The motor home, attached to vehicle that is no longer drivable
SITE C: The mechanical workshop
SITE D: The garage/workshop
SITE E: The Barn
SITE F: The original farmhouse
The initial responders immediately order an electric fence be put up after finding evidence that may link Pickton to BC Missing Woman's Case.
Security was put in place along this perimeter [Level 1], along with cameras.
Trailers/Staging areas were put in place so police and crime scene units would have a central meeting location [Level 2]
The structures of the farm were split in to main sites. [LEVEL 3]
Anyone who enters a LEVEL 3 area must wear a full Tyvek suit, booties, gloves and masks. Each time a scene is left, a new suit must be dawned.
A quadrant search method was used.
The excavation of the farm is done by dividing the farm land into 216, 20 meter squares that are each given a number. The structures in each site are not included in this.
Each structure was given its own quad search. Every room in each building was broken down in to 1in. squares.
[This is to prevent Locard's Exchange Theory: "with contact between two items, exchange will take place"]
The link above is an interactive depiction of the farm, each structure on the farm, each room in each structure and the evidence that was found in corresponding rooms.
Yes, that is he actual head his late pet horse...
Contact Evidence:
DNA from Pickton
DNA from missing women
Body parts of missing women
Personal Items
Action Evidence:
Motor home (1-3 murders took place here)
Blood from victim found inside motor home
Inferred Evidence:
Not all remains of victims were found, this evidence relies on the reconstruction of the crime scene to assume bodies were there
Temporal Evidence:
Severed head of victim is found
This is Goldie, his pet horse. Yes you heard that correctly. He stuffed the head of his pet horse...
Jewelry found here
Personal items
In the case of Robert Pickton, blood was first used as a CLASS characteristic. Those conducting the crime scene investigation first had to compare blood from several areas of the farm and then determine if it was animal or human.
The picture to the left shows a Precipitiin test. These are done to determine if blood found at a crime scene is human in origin. Human blood produces different amino acids than animal blood. If the blood of a human is mixed with the blood of an animal, antibodies may be produced to fight the foreign substance. A serum may be created (usually from rabbits) that will be mixed with the blood found at the crime scene. If human blood is present, the blood of the rabbit will react which can visibly be seen.
Hemastix Strips
-In this particular case, investigators used Hemastix strips.These are small, thin paper strips thatchange color (usually a green color) when blood is present.
Following the tests that confirm if blood is present and if blood is human, the blood will be analyzed for DNA that can be typed to find closely matched individuals.
DNA is analyzed based on the unique sections (loci)
RFLP (Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism) is based on a variable number of tandem repeats.
Now, STR is used mostly. This stands for short tandem repeats. This is more advantageous because there is less chance of accuracy being lost based on time.
In the case of Robert Pickton, the many blood samples were analyzed for DNA and then compared to any available DNA of women reported missing.
DNA from processed meat on the property was also analyzed. Two victims: Inga Hall and Cindy Felinks were matches to DNA in the meat.
Other victims confirmed through DNA: Sereena Abotsway, Mona Wilson, Andrea Joesbury, Brenda Ann Wolfe, Georgia Faith Papin, and Marnie Frey
In simpler terms, DNA is analyzed for matching patterns.
No full bodies were found on the farm. However, several body parts were. These parts included skulls that were split vertically.
Tool Marks:
The skulls all consistently matched a tool called a Sawzall or something akin that. This is an electrically powered saw.However, no saws on the property matched these characteristics.
Bullet Holes:
The bullet holes in the skulls matched that of a .22 caliber handgun. There was even a bullet hole lodged in the skull of one of the victims. However, the findings unfortunately were inconclusive.
A .22 Caliber Handgun was found at the crime scene with a dildo attached. However, it could not be linked to any of the bullet holes found in the skulls.
Yep, this is real.
Several tools and guns were also found at the crime scene.
A little about the trial...
And a little about DNA...
Trial began January 30, 2006
Pickton pleads not guilty to 27 charges of 1st Degree Murder
On August 9, 2006 the charges were split into a group of 6 and a group of 20. One of the charges was thrown out entirely.
The trial proceeded with the group of 6 charges
This all took place during the voir dire phase of the trial.
The Jury was decided by December 12, 2006
The Jury trial began January 22, 2007
As of February 20, 2007:
The items found in Pickton's trailer were viewed in court by a jury.
A videotape of a friend of Pickton's is shown. The friend states the Pickton described ways of killing his victims.
Photos of contents of trash can Mona Wilson was found in
Despite the evidence presented in court, the jury finds Pickton guilty of only six charges of 2nd Degree murder. This results in life in prison without the possiblity of parole for 10-25 years.
The Serial Killer Theory, Could this have been prevented?....
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Oink, oink!
Oink, oink!
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