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No description

Direct English

on 11 May 2018

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Transcript of MEMES.

Let´s Get Started.
Let´s Check the next grammar tense and make sure you clarify any doubt you have regarding this tense.
Grammar Refresh.
-Look at the following pictures and describe when you can use each of them.
Solve the next grammar test on your notebook then compare your answers with the rest of your classmates.
Grammar Practice.
In This Lesson Students will be able to:
-Talk about these famous characters.
- Share your opinion about them
- Discuss about the influence they have nowadays.

Let´s Talk About Memes.
Pair up and answer the questions below. Then Share your answers with the rest of the class.

Make Groups and create a story about the origin of memes.

Make Up a Story.
-Choose a talk partner and answer the following questions. Don´t forget to apply all English basics.
-What will yo do after class?

-Talk about your favorite Singer/ Actor.

-What did you do last December 24th?
30 Seconds Answers
Subject + Verb (present) + s/es in third person+ Complement
Simple Present
Positive Negative Questions
I Play Soccer
You Eat Pizza
He Works Everyday
She Studies Math
It Eats Everyday
We Dance Every Saturday
They Watch Tv
I Do not Play Soccer
You Do not Eat Pizza
He Does not Work Everyday
She Does not Study Math
It Does not Eat Everyday
We Do not Dance Every Saturday
They Do not Watch Tv
Do i Play Soccer?
Do you Eat Pizza?
Does he Work Everyday?
Does she Study Math?
Does it Eat Everyday?
Do we Dance Every Saturday ?
Do they Watch Tv?
Contractions in Negative: I Don't Play/ She Doesn't Play.
1. Tony _____ to visit my grandmother everyday.
2. Kayla _____ her fears.
3. Bailey _____ eat shrimps.
4. ______ study at Direct English?
a)Do you
b)Does you
5. I _____ my girlfriend a lot, i really love her.
a)don´t kiss
In This Lesson Students will be able to:
-Talk about these famous characters.
- Share your opinion about them
- Discuss about the influence they have nowadays.
- What is a Meme?

- What are memes used for?

-Do you think they have a big influence on teenagers nowadays?

They were created in 2007 when a guy was really drunk and high so he thought.....
What Would You do If.....
-Choose a talk partner and answer the following question.
- Someone offered you to be the admin of a memes Facebook page that has more than 2,000.000 followers?
- You saw one of your friend´s embarrassing pictures as a meme on Facebook, and it already has more than 100,000 likes?
Role Plays.
Make couples and act the next role plays.
Role Play 1
A) You just saw an embarrassing meme of you on Smara la Gabana fan page write a message to the admin and tell the admin to delete the meme about you or you will......
B) You are the admin, answer the message.
Role Play 2

A) Your Best friend is the admin of one of the most famous pages on facebook, tell him or her to post a meme of your ex boyfriend/girlfriend because he/she just broke up with you.

B)Tell your friend that you can/can´t help him/her because.
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