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Animal Adaptations of Hammerhead shark

No description

Wilson Jr. Merchan

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Animal Adaptations of Hammerhead shark

Animal Adaptations of Hammerhead shark
Description of hammerhead shark

A hammerhead shark is a fish.Its average size is 13 feet long to 20 feet long[4 to 6 meters].The average weight is 500 to 1000 pounds[230 to 450 kilograms].it is also cold-blooded.
Location of hammerhead sharks

Hammerhead sharks live in warm waters along coastlines and continental shelves.They may be found in Malpelo Island in Colombia,Cocos Island off Costa Rica,and in Molokai Island in Hawaii.
A hammerhead shark eats stingrays,fishes,crustaceans,squid,octupuses,and other sharks,since it eats only meat it is a carnivore.
Oddly-shaped head
A hammerhead shark has plenty of sensory organs in their head so they can feel vibrations and movements of their prey when they don't see them.Hammerhead sharks also use their wide heads to attack stingrays,pinning the winged fish against the sea floor.
Good eyes
Their eyes are located at the end of the lateral part of the head.These wide-set eyes improve their ability to see and locate their prey in the murky waters of the sea.
Hammerhead sharks are commonly seen in larger groups during the summer months when the hammerhead sharks are migrating together in search of cooler waters.
A hammerhead shark has five gill silts(these gills allow the shark to breathe by extracting oxygen from the water and then pushing it over the gill silts.
They feature rows of teeth just like other types of sharks.They have a triangle shape to them and they are extremely sharp to help them eat prey.
Underneath they are white which allows them to blend in well in the water and to go undetected by their prey.
A hammerhead shark has a dorsal fin that is very big and it has a point at the top of it to help it swim around.
Thanks for watching
Thanks for watching my hammerhead shark presentation.If you want to learn more about a hammerhead shark you can go to www.sharks-world.com/hammerhead-shark.html.
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