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How to give a good speech.

No description

Emily Swift

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of How to give a good speech.

How to give a good speech.
"Be relevant"
What are you trying to get across to your audience?

Trash the thank you's
Make it easy
Make good use of anecdotes
By: Emily Swift
Line 9 and 10
Most people find telling a story, especially if you have lived it simpler to work with. Three great stories can be key.
Line 13
Line 14, 15,16, and 17
What stories can do.
They can stir feelings
They "release dopamine"
They will make people remember it
Line 18, 19, and 20
Line 21
Ask yourself..
Only after you have your answer,
talk about the answer to the question above.
Lines 21-25
It is considered a sizable error and something you don't want to do.

Dive in by posing a question
or statistic.
Communicate with your audience.
Dive in again to your story.

Good body mechanics
is key
Do not:
Cross arms
Clutch hands
Show nervousness

Stand upright, causing good
Have intensity
Show desire and feeling
Line 32
Line 33
Be precise with your words
Lines 36, 37 and 38
Because you want to come across as "natural" as possible. Always be yourself.
"Passion, Commitment,
and Conviction
are critical"
Line 41 and 42
Practice makes perfect
Practice your speech:
In the shower (instead of
the mirror)
Out loud
To a little group
Line 44, 45, and 46
"Working the room"
Line 48
Channel in on familiar sights
and people
Maintain eye contact
Use gestures
Lines 48-52
Essentially, have fun!

what your doing!
Line 53 and 54
And your audience will too
Line 39 and 40
Lines 53-55
Stay laid back
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