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f2f Elem UT6 good times bad times

No description

Go English Live

on 25 July 2016

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Transcript of f2f Elem UT6 good times bad times

Internet- Technology
Using the correct verbs
1. Use the internet
get emails
send emails
2. Chat to people online
read a blog
go online
3. Download
chat to friends
4. search engine
Let's check some vocabulary
Computer science
a cheque
a bank account
a billionaire
Larry page and Sergey Brin launched google.
They met in 1995
They were studying Computer Science.
Past simple
Yes / No questions
Did you get your first Computer before 1995 ?
Yes, I did.
No, I didn´t
Information Questions
Another type of question
Time Expressiones when using Past tence
Ten minutes ago
Three years ago
In may 2002
In the eighteenth century
the day before yesterday
in 1986
last year
last Monday
in the nineties
the last monday
I went to the movies last Monday.
Expressions of time usually go at the end or sometimes at the begining
Yesterday, I went to bed quite late.
I didn't have a holiday last year.
Can - Can´t
present tense
Could- Couldn´t
past tense
Changing technologies
My parents can´t use the internet.
My children can play videogames.
Now, you can get hundreds of chanels.
We counld´t watch tv all night 20 years ago.
My son could watch all his favorite games on tv last year.
North- East-West-South
Everything that is happenng arround the world
The internet
The TV
The radio
The newspaper
Let's check the verbs that we might find in the NEWS.
Regular verbs
Damage- sail- die- receive
Crash- save
Irrgular verbs
say- tell
Did you hear about the train crash?
Yes, I saw it on the 12:00 news.
Did you hear about the grandmother who married her grandson?
No, where did it happen.
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