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The Four Pillars Of Democracy

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Mike Cho

on 21 September 2014

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Transcript of The Four Pillars Of Democracy

The Four Pillars Of Democracy
The Four Pillars Of Democracy
The Four Pillars Of Democracy are basic guidelines that help govern how democracy works. The Four Pillars are: Equity, Representation, Freedom and Justice. Each pillar is an important part of democracy. In this presentation I will explain each pillar of democracy.
Justice Part 1
Justice is an important part of the four pillars because it helps dictate the country. The Justice System prevents capital punishment from happening. If you look around you could see a plethora of examples. An example of justice is the police ,they help justify different kinds of mischief. Some crimimals or people who violate laws...
Representation Part 1
The citetzens of Canada have the oppurtunity to choose their leaders through elections. In this country the people choose representatives to represent them in any government meetings. In other countries the peoples opinions were abated to the point where the government didn't care at all. In this country people have the oppurtunity to...
Equity Part 1
Equity and equality are two different things. Equality gives equal oppurtunities but if the person subjected to this wasn't fit for the capabilities of the person, equality would be quite useless.
Equity Part 2
On the other hand equity provides oppurtunities that are favorable to that person. Evidence of Canadian equity is how the Canadian government provides different oppurtunities for you to choose unlike a communist government. If you were to choose between the two what would you choose?
Freedoms and Rights Part 1
In Canada the citetzens have the freedom to speak whatever they want to say. Oppurtunity has a big role in Canadian democracy. Canada permits the use of social media unlike some other...
Freedoms And Rights Part 2
...countries which ban social media websites. In Canada this means you are allowed to express yourself. Canada has an unabated democraric system that will help bring Canada to sucess.
Justice Part 2
...have the oppurtunity to go to court. Justice can come in many different forms and can be found anywhere because of democracy.
The Supreme Court
Justice Pictures
The Canadian Police
Representation Part 2
...have a say in government decisions. Representation is an important part of Canadian democracy.
Representation Part 3
Elected Leader
Elected Representative
Equity Part 3
The Canadian Government Allows Us To Choose Our Schools
We Can All Have Jobs
Freedoms And Rights Part 3
Canadian Freedom
Canadian Soldiers Fought For Our Freedom
Democracy provides us with a plethora of oppurtunities and allows these oppurtunities to have different outcomes. Democracy prevents corrupt leaders coming in to power by making the people elect preferable candidate. Overall democracy can be found in Canada.
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