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Supplemental Instruction

A brief introduction to SI

Miranda Mckenzie

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of Supplemental Instruction

What is SI?
SI Sessions
- SI is a learning enhancement program designed to assist students in reviewing and learning course material through participation in SI sessions

- SI targets historically difficult academic subjects
- DFW rates are high
- does not identify high-risk students

- SI sessions integrate how-to-learn with what-to-learn
- discover appropriate application of study strategies
- student become more actively involved in the subject material
SI Supervisors and Leaders
- SI Supervisors:
- On site staff person
- Implements and supervises the SI program
- identify the targeted subjects
- gain faculty support
- select and train the leaders
- monitor the quality of SI sessions
- evaluate the program

- SI Leaders:
- Model students of the subject
- Take part in intensive two day training
- Have previously taken the course
- Attend all classes, take notes, read all assigned material
- Conduct weekly sessions

- Peer facilitated

- Open to all students of varying abilities

- Sessions are free, voluntary and anonymous

- 10 to 15 students per session

- Assistance begins the first week of the semester

- Opening the session:
- How will SI Leader arrange the room?
- Where will SI Leader sit?
- How will SI Leader introduce himself/herself to the group?
- How will SI Leader introduce the group members to each other?

- Closing the session:
- Closure techniques
- informal quiz
- predict test questions
- identify the "big idea"
- predict the next lecture topic
Supplemental Instruction
Opening/Closing a Session
Conducting an SI Session
- collaborative learning techniques:

- session strategies:

- redirecting questions, wait time and checking for understanding

- study skills:
- note taking, note cards, mnemonic devices, abbreviations, etc...

SI Leaders work
10 hours a week
3 hours = lecture (in class)
3 hours = SI sessions
3 hours = preparation
1 hour = ongoing training
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