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Puerto Rico

No description

Brenda Gomes

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Puerto Rico


The Puerto Rico baseball league consists of six teams.

The most widely heard and influential form of music from Puerto Rico today is called salsa



The league canceled the 2007-2008 season due
to financial concerns.

Salsa is a popular dance in Puerto Rico.
Salsa is a type of Latin American dance
music incorporating elements of jazz and
rock. Salsa was influenced by New York.
A famous person that does salsa in Puerto Rico
is Johnny Vasquez. Instruments used in
salsa are piano, bass instruments, and
and a rhythm section. Here are some
of salsa dancers:
The Caribbean island sometimes referred to, as the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is almost rectangular in shape, and the smallest of the Greater Antilles. With an estimated population of close to four million people is slightly less than three times the size of Rhode Island. Puerto Rico likely has the most dynamic economy in the entire Caribbean. But unlike many other Islands (or countries for that matter), it has a disproportionate number of boxers who either have been World Champion or top contenders over the years. The lineage of great boxers from Puerto Rico is rich, dramatic and, often tragic, as many of the fighters met with difficulties outside the ring or after they finished their careers. Something most people may remember is the shooting death of Hector “Macho” Camacho in 2012, after a long struggle with drugs and alcohol abuse. Puerto Rico has produced a most compelling tapestry of sports particularly in boxing.
Only Two players (Hiram Bithorn and Luis Olmo) made it to the U.S Major Leagues
History of it
Luis Olmo
During the 1980s the style also became popular in Miami as well as in Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and Colombia. Salsa is chiefly performed, and often simultaneously danced, by singers, percussionists, keyboardists, brass players, and guitarists.
By the 30's the population of son and mambo had spread to Puerto Rico where musicians incorporated the style with their own
Hiram Bithron
The league was established in the winter of 1938-1939 as a semi professional baseball league.
The league became a professional league in 1941
This is Johnny Vasquez. Johnny Vasquez is a famous salsa dancer. He was born in Mexico City.
He dances on live T.V shows and performs live with lady dancers.
What defines salsa?
Salsa is the combination of of a popular dance music style from the spanish speaking, Caribbean and Latin America
Salsa Stars
Felipe Polanco has long been one of Puerto Rico’s living legends and he is the most well-known representative of the Puerto Rican Style worldwide. Above all, it is his solo footwork shows that have made him famous. He is able to combine elegance, precision and swiftness in his choreographies like no other. Outside of the U.S. and Puerto Rico, he is particularly liked and appreciated in Italy as one of the best Salsa/Mambo dancers.
What instruments are used in salsa?
Some of the instruments played in Puerto Rico is a brass section, piano and a rhythm section. From these elements musicians create a singular sound representing a fusion of African and Spanish traditions.
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico, officially the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, is a territory of the United States, located in the northeastern Caribbean. The capital is San Juan and the population is about 3.667 million The National anthem is La Borinqueña ans the Official languages are Spanish & English. Some of the popular sports are Baseball & Boxing. Music and dance also a big part of the culture in Puerto Rico.
Boxers must be 18 years old, male or female and have at lease $10,000 of medical and accidental death insurance. Each boxer is weighed no less than 12 hours before a fight to make sure they are in the correct weight class. This also determines the size of the gloves they can wear. Boxers must wear shorts, an abdominal guard, foul proof cup, shoes, and a custom-made mouth guard. Hands are covered with gauze and adhesive tape. Gloves are 8 or 10 ounces and can only be worn for one fight.

Rules and Equipment

The first boxing match in Puerto Rico was held on January 15, 1899, and the first Puerto Rican to win a world title was the great Hall of Famer, Sixto “El Gallito” Escobar, who beat Baby Cassanova in 1934 to win bantamweight belt. Sixto was never knocked out or even taken off his feet during his career. He was inducted into the Hall’s Old Timer section in 2002. His career spanned the period 1930-1940. He remains a beloved figure in Puerto Rico and after his death in 1979 the town of Barceloneta honored his memory with a statue.

Boxing History
Fun Facts
Rules: How To Play / Equipment
You need a baseball and a bat to play
3 Strikes and you're out!
You get another try if you hit a foul
3 fouls and it counts as 1 strike
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