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Compare and Contrast Setting

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VonCile Graham

on 1 October 2015

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Transcript of Compare and Contrast Setting

How setting affects the character
Different settings often affect a character in different ways.
Review details about how a character responds to different settings in the story.
If I asked you whether you wanted to eat at McDonald's or the school cafeteria, which would you choose?
I CAN...
I can compare and contrast two or more settings in a story or drama, using specific details in the text about the time or
A story’s setting is when and where it takes place. As a story progresses, the setting often changes.
How do you compare and contrast settings?
In order to compare settings, you have to focus on two things:
“when” (such as the historical details or a character’s past)
“where” the story takes place.
In many novels, there are multiple settings, and how these places are alike and different can be important to the story.
Tips for comparing and contrasting settings
To compare and contrast settings in a story, your must first note details that the author presents about place and time.
what does the place look like? smell like? sound like?
activities and cultural life (who would you see here? what would they be doing?)
problems faced (what obstacles do characters face here, if any?)
Then you must decide how these places and times are alike and different.
How can I compare and contrast two settings?
Compare and Contrast Setting
I can compare and contrast two or more settings in a story or drama.
How does the setting affect Harry in each of the clips?
In the book Harry Potter, Harry’s muggle home is meaningfully different than his room at Hogwarts because it lacks magic, adventure, and a sense of belonging, yet it is also a safe haven from evil. At Hogwarts, Harry finds friends and family that helps him to feel a sense of belonging, but it is full of sinister teachers and lurking danger. Comparing and contrasting the settings can help us understand how different places have different purposes for the plot of a story.
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