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Will Comyns, Shane Pickering, George Dumbald: M-3: Brazil

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Debra Goldstein

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Will Comyns, Shane Pickering, George Dumbald: M-3: Brazil

World Music: Will Comyns, Shane Pickering,
George Dumbald: M-3: Brazil

Instruments Used In Song
1. Trumpet
2. Tambourine
3. Bongos

About The Region
Brazilian Music

One traditional type of music in Brazil is Samba. Samba is a type of music that makes you want to get up and dance. With Samba's fast pace beat and the loud sound it is fun for everyone.
Music Umbrella for
Canta Bahia by Polama Gomes

Brazil is one of the biggest countries in the world and is the biggest in South America. It is dived up into five regions which consist of the North, Northeast, Central-West, Southeast, and the South. Three countries it boarders are Argentina, Peru, and Colombia. Its main river is the Amazon River. It form of government is a federal republic.
Happy,Upbeat, Bright
Gilberto Gill born June 26, 1942 in Salvador Bahia. He is an elite guitar player.
Famouse Musicians
Chico Bargue born June 19, 1944 in Rio. He is a famouse singer and composer and guitarist.

Gal Costa born September 26, 194 in Salvadoir Bahia. She is a famouse singer.
1.Amadeu Teixeira
2.Arena Jaraguá
3.Arena Santos
Brazil music

Brazil music is happy and a way for people to express themselves through dance. Samba is a big type of dance in Brazil. There music is general used in religious ceremonies too
Brazil's music is a very nice part of their culture that they use to express themselves. It is a very nice type of music the use for diverse reasons.

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