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Inclusion vs. Exclusion

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Kelly Mackey

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Inclusion vs. Exclusion

There was a belief that exclusion was the only way that students with special needs could be taught effectively. Sometimes students with special needs were excluded to the point where they were sent to different schools based on their needs. Inclusion is now being implemented in many schools.
Exclusion is restricting students to an environment with only special needs or disabled students.
What is exclusion?
Adequately trained teachers for special needs
One on One learning
Specialized programs based on a student's needs
Access to resources
Comfortable environment
Pros of Exclusion
Inclusion is an educational approach to teaching students with special needs by providing them with the opportunity to be educated with non-disabled peers to the greatest extent appropriate.
What is inclusion?
Cons of Exclusion
No gain of social interaction
Less opportunities outside of classroom
Normal classrooms are not experiencing diversity
Special education teachers don't have the opportunity to collaborate on lessons
Labels special education students
Pros of Inclusion
Teaches diversity
Helps special education students with social skills
Motivates and challenges students to excel
Peers as role models, motivating special needs students to their full potential
Greater access to general curriculum
Cons of Inclusion
Disruptive to mainstream students
Teachers have to modify lesson plans
Special education students won't have the same support
Special needs students may need one on one
Special needs students might not feel comfortable asking questions in fear of judgments
Special students may not learn at the same rate
Teachers aren't properly trained in special needs
Some schools do this just to save money

Lindsey Knox, Kelly Mackey, and Taylor Yarnal
Let's Discuss
Is inclusion/exclusion right for all special needs kids?
Consider the difficulties general education teachers face when schools implement inclusion. How would you, as a teacher, handle inclusion?
Is it fair to the mainstream students to have special needs students in their classroom? Why or why not?
In inclusive classrooms are both mainstream and special needs students receiving the best education for their needs?
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